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Way back in 2010 David Cage and Quantic Dream gave us Heavy Rain. This was their third game following The Nomad Soul in 1999 and Fahrenheit in 2005. It seems like Heavy Rain is the game more popular in the lineup. They are currently working on a project called Star Wars: Eclipse. It launched on the PlayStation 3 before coming to PlayStation 4 in 2016 and PC in 2019. Here’s a look at the comparison across the console generations. The charges in the game are more obvious when ran side by side.

If you’re remotely interested in Heavy Rain as a game then you may have insights into the plot. Which centres around the character we play losing one of their boys and a few years later have one kidnapped by a serial killer. The focus on the game here is on a technical level. Visually for a PlayStation 3 title over a decade old the game is pretty powerful. As we see some parts were upgraded in the PlayStation 4 release in regard to textures but as a whole it’s still holding up today.

The Case For Heavy Rain To Be Remade Is Strong

Well if we look at gameplay it runs okay but the shaking of the DualSense isn’t exactly brilliant. The controls are clunky. You have to press R2 then direction you want to walk. No reason the analogue sticks can’t be used as we’re using them anyway. Some character models could use an update especially with a special emphasis on Ethan’s children.

However would a remake capture what makes the classic so good? Unreal Engine 5 could overhaul the the visuals to no end and sort out the controls. But could it capture the atmosphere and that’s where this game shines. If you want to see how a game like this can look check out Project M. In my opinion, this game could easily be remade and look outstanding. What do you think? Should it be remade?

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