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Dev Alter Games and Publisher Daedalic Entertainment have announced Partisans 1941 – Back Into Battle. A new major DLC for the detailed and entertaining real-time tactics game. Partisans 1941 – Back Into Battle releases April 29th and adds brand-new sandbox gameplay for high replayability. Additionally, included are two new game modes, customizable scenarios and more.

Partisans 1941 – Back Into Battle expands the main game with new gameplay features and modes. Each tailored for near infinite replayability and scenarios. In Missions mode, choose your own team of Partisans, their skills, and their equipment to tackle a variety of existing and new maps. Five familiar locations are playable by everyone who owns the main game. Meanwhile, owners of the DLC will receive access to seven exclusive missions. The DLC-exclusive mode Heroic Defense is a wave-defence scenario that offers additional challenges for fans of the genre and game.

DLC Features:

  • Missions Mode: even more brand new challenges in seven new locations.
  • Never seen scenarios with modifiers: Freely choose your Partisan team, skills and equipment.
  • Heroic Defense mode: New wave-defence mode for the toughest of commanders.
  • Additional campfire dialogue for the Partisans, giving you new insight into their personalities. 

Partisans 1941 is a unique take on the genre set on the occupied Eastern Front during WWII. It features tactical squad combat and stealth elements. The game also includes character progression and resource management. Take control of Partisans, a brave group of resistance fighters, opposing the Nazi occupation behind enemy lines. Players can recruit soldiers and civilians as unique allies to tackle a variety of challenges. From focused sabotage to extensive attacks on German supply lines. The expandable home base deep in the forest serves as a hub in-between missions to arm and upgrade Partisans troops, manage and distribute resources, and take a break until the next objective awaits.

Partisans 1941 is developed by Russian studio Alter Games and published by German studio Daedalic Entertainment. Partisans 1941 – Back Into Battle releases on Steam on April 29th, 2021.

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