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Halo Infinite’s Season 5, titled Reckoning, has Halo firing on all uhhh….rings currently. If you read my last article, you know how excited I was for this season-and I’m glad to report that Reckoning delivers!

We are gathered here today to celebrate the launch of Halo Infinite’s Season 5. Make no mistake it IS a celebration. Reckoning, brings:

  • Helmets can now be equipped on any armor core
  • New Armor Core
  • New Extraction game mode
  • Season pass featuring flood infected Spartans (All that fan art finally paid off!)
  • Ability to add AI to forge maps
  • Return of Firefight mode midseason
  • Two new Maps
  • Ability to purchase the passes from previous limited time events
  • Overhaul of Events now titled “Operations”
  • New Rank Rewards

Halo infinite has been quietly becoming the gold standard for what other live service games. With battle passes that never expire and always providing enough premium currency to buy the next battle pass. In simpler terms-you only ever need to buy one battle pass to be able to purchase all of them. Along with that, Infinite has been offering 2 limited time events with their own free reward tracks per season. And to combat the fan base’s complaints of FOMO, events this season have be re-titled “operations” and will last much longer than just a few days.    

Logging into and playing my first few matches of the season, the vibe had completely changed from previous seasons. Players were actively talking about how great the new season was with the new maps, customization, forge additions etc. It was a great feeling to see positivity back again in the Halo community.

A massive part of this update is the cross-core helmet customization. The amount of customization is astounding at this point. Seeing so many new Spartan appearances after seeing so many similar Spartans for a year is beyond refreshing. You want a Samurai helmet on the very robotic looking Chimera core? Done. The updated main menu featuring your Spartan is pretty sweet too!

It also seems I am not the only one who is enjoying the new season. As Halo is currently the 15th most played game on Xbox. Compare that to Halo Infinite being 30th place last season. Along with that, Season 5 is bringing in the most amount of players since launch-averaging about 15k players a day.

I can say after spending multiple hours with this new update, that there’s never been a better time to jump back into Halo Infinite or try it out for the first time. 

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