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Earlier this year we looked at whether or not the PlayStation VR 2 can be deemed a success which is a subject with mixed answers. It has a decent-sized library of games, such as the likes of No Man’s Sky, Horizon: Call of the Mountain, and now Green Hell VR. However, Green Hell is an interesting mention. For those unaware it’s a survival game. We also looked at that genre a bit closer to see if they are worth your time. They are a less popular genre among many as they are less forgiving. However, Green Hell may be less known for some than games like The Forest or Subnautica or even Minecraft. Even with that in mind, it’s one worth a look.

Before we look more at the Green Hell VR port let’s look at the game. Developed by Creepy Jar, it launched on PC in 2019. It is also now on the console with the Nintendo Switch in 2020. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports arrived in 2021. So for the game itself. If we look at the game’s official website we see the story revolves around an anthropologist called Jake Higgins.

We are told that “we are thrown deep into the emerald and impenetrable Amazonian rain forest. The green hell. Your goal is to survive in the depths of a nightmarish environment using truly intuitive means to escape. Having only a radio at your disposal you will follow the familiar voice of a loved one through this endless and inhospitable jungle, unveiling bit by bit how you got there in the first place. What you discover will be worse than what you fought so hard against to survive”. It’s deemed a realistic survival sim and psychological thriller.

The Latest On Green Hell VR

We know there is a VR port but we have seen very little on this. However, we can now provide you release news ahead of hitting the depths of the Amazon for your VR 2 headset. We have a new trailer for you which can be seen below and a store listing to grab the game as it’s available today.

So what exactly can we expect when hit the jungle? Let’s close with a list of features to help decide if this game will be for you.

Realistic Survival Sim

  • Use of true survival techniques (including starting fires, camp building, animal traps construction)
  • Sourcing and composing objects allowing survival (including weapons and tools)
  • Food sourcing (hunting, cropping)
  • Wound, disease, and other injury treatment, depending on the situation

Psychological thriller

Green Hell’s story emphasizes the psychological aspects of survival in extreme conditions. The player faces a ruthless situation, isolated, and fighting to survive another day. The player’s battle will not only be against the environment as you fight to keep your sanity. Will you succeed or fall into the depths of your mind? To unveil the truth the player will have to fight the hardest battle they will ever fight – the fight against themselves, their weaknesses, and fears.

Amazonian Rainforest Setting

Amazonian rainforest is the most affluent natural environment in the world. Exotically breathtaking, spectacular, multicolored, full of tones and sounds but mortal, deadly, uncompromising for the ignorant.

  • Part of the Amazonian rainforest as a map of the world for the setting
  • The richness of plants and multitude of animal species (mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects)
  • Simulation of animals natural occurrence and behavior
  • Dynamically changing environment due to the weather

Unique Features

  • Setting: deadly yet beautiful Amazonian rainforest
  • Body inspection mode
  • A multitude of fauna and flora and the dangers awaiting the player
  • Environment and situation impact on the player’s psychology
  • Impact of environment changes to the ecosystem
  • An addictive story
  • Dynamically changing environment

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