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With all the excitement of DC Fandome, one of the coolest things to me was a game reveal. No, not Suicide Squad, that one is still two years away at the time of this post. It was the game that was rumored as “Court of Owls”, to be later revealed with a different name and a disheartening lack of Batman. A game set in Gotham seems pointless without the caped crusader, but as a die-hard fan of all things Batman, I’m interested to see what can be done with other members of the Bat-family. I called up a friend and we talked about what we liked and what we want to see from Gotham Knights. Join me and the RPG gamer, Baron J, in breaking down what we saw in Gotham Knights gameplay.       For more videos like this be sure to subscribe to the LV1 Gaming YouTube Channel! Or click here for more original content!

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