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We’ve heard about the Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye several times this year.
It’s specifically about a remaster coming to Xbox. True Achievements discovered certain Xbox achievements had been obtained by Rare workers.

There hasn’t been much to go on since then. We have the Xbox and Bethesda showcase coming up in a few days, so fans will finally have something to look forward to. There is no formal confirmation of the existence of this game as of yet. However, there is additional news to imply that something is on the way.

One fan on Reddit spotted something interesting. A gamer by the name of BIGsheep has recently unlocked an achievement on the game as of last month. Normally this isn’t a big deal but it’s an achievement for a game that doesn’t officially exist. That name is also the Twitter name for James Thomas, the lead engineer at Rare. He also unlocked achievements along with other staff members at the start of the year. Which would explain how they have access to an unreleased game.

As a result, it appears like the game is both genuine and imminent. Is there a better time and stage to reveal GoldenEye for modern gaming than right now, with a showcase just around the corner? Of course, this is all wishful thinking, but could it be a case of when rather than if we see the comeback of this iconic title? If this is accurate, we have no idea if it will be an Xbox system exclusive; although the chances are good given that it is a first-party title. However, Minecraft Dungeons is also first party, which is not exclusive. So, how do you interpret this news? Why not contact us and share your thoughts? We’d love to hear your thoughts on all of this or the most current news.

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