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This indie game made and published by 1 person AnnChan4 caught my attention when it was mentioned in a Twitter thread where indie devs were debating whether to give up because the gaming industry is so competitive. This was what initially attracted my attention, even though I would have wanted to get every single game in that thread. Glisten to your heart: The courage within you is what caught my eye. With 3 reviews on steam, this truly is a hidden gem.

We embark on an emotional story-focused game based on the novel “Glistening Virtues: Courage finds true courage” about magical beings that reside above the clouds and whose goal is to teach us how to display virtues like courage or friendship. Similar to the care bears.

You play alongside a race of magical beings called virtues. Courage is a Virtue who struggles with confidence and has never succeeded in completing a mission, but after a chance encounter with you, she starts to feel hopeful. The goal of the entire game is to aid Courage and, indirectly, people in overcoming obstacles in their life. You engage in minigames, discover fascinating personalities, communicate with them, and assist them with your kind words, warmth, and laughs.

With just one playthrough, this tiny 211 MB game offers roughly 4 hours of fun, although it is recommended to revisit numerous times with various dialogue options. The gameplay is also significantly impacted by those dialogue choices, from the essence you might be able to utilize or acquire to the potential outcomes of the conclusion. Since the game is so brief, it is worthwhile to try out the many ways to play. Although it is a very heavy dialogue game where you will be doing a ton of reading there are little combat sections where you have to defeat the egos of the people you are helping that take the form of a minigame. These sections, which only appear three or four times throughout the game, serve as a pacemaker after all the reading you gotta undertake.

However, the game is not flawless. I did experience one softlock that required me to restart early in the game, and as there was no auto-saving, I did lose some progress, but since there were so many save points, it wasn’t too horrible. There was also an issue with interacting with anything and sliding across the room. Although it doesn’t disrupt the conversation, it is annoying to see courage talking to someone across the room after you started in front of them. Lastly, the only other bug I encountered was an issue with the save timer. It didn’t hinder gameplay when it jumped from 2 hours to 12 hours; it was just an interesting sight to observe.

Overall, this is a sweet little game about courage, having the guts to act morally, and being the greatest version of oneself. Even if you are like me and have never heard of the book, it is worth picking up. It is a single-person game that provides a few hours of entertaining storytelling. Even with some of the small programming bugs I had fun with this sometimes cliché and too on-the-nose game.

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Glisten to your heart: The courage within you




  • Cute Story based on Cute Book
  • Replayability
  • Retro Art Style


  • Minor bugs
  • Very dialogue heavy

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