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Not too long ago I went through the PC demo and then a full game for a missing father game in the walking simulator/mystery genre. The game is called Cions of Vega. That game is from the mind of Tonguc Bodur. They also gave us The Redress of Mira and more recently the game I want to talk about today. So the game in question is called Genie. You can purchase the full game on Steam now or download the demo. When I saw the trailer I was intrigued so I grabbed the demo and thought I’d share my thoughts.

The store listing gives tags for Walking Simulator and Exploration as well as Atmospheric. Very accurate descriptions as that was one part Cion’s of Vega was known for. Very atmospheric, full of mystery. The game premise is we need to “explore fantastic environments as Lula, as she journeys to discover the meaning of the Genie and fulfill her destiny. First Collect the broken crystal shards then follow the unraveling poems of the story”. Also the game is a recreation of an earlier title. That game is called Drizzlepath: Genie from 2016. Steam tells us that all the “environments are made from scratch, the story is altered and transformed into poem form”. They also completely revisited the musical score.

What We Get With Genie – A Look At The Game

It looks good and does look a lot more detailed than Cion’s of Vega. It took a while to work out what I was doing but it soon became apparent. The opening of the game as I explored the first section can be seen below.

The game plays fairly well and in the demo felt as though there was a lot more going on texture-wise than in Cion’s of Vega. In that game, at times I felt some textures were of poor quality where the lighting was a strength. Textures are more improved here and the lighting is still of an extremely high standard and it feels like a more polished product. The story is though going off the demo not as strong. With the game offering a demo you lose nothing trying it out, It’s also relatively cheap as well around the £4 /$5 price point

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