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There is nothing I love more than a new old retro game. Yes, that does sound like a contradiction of words. However, if you are part of the retro gaming community you will know about the healthy new game on old hardware movements. From fellow YouTubers like 8-bit guys planet x series to full companies bringing the good old games back. I’m calling this a first look simply for the fact the physical release isn’t out yet and when I get it I’ll be circling back. I want to see how the physical version compares to the emulated version.

Who Made This?

This blast to the past Genesis is developed by 7FH or Andreas Winhard. He is an indie Game Boy developer based in Germany. He is known for his talent using the GBDK dev kit. The game is also produced by Spacebot Interactive. Based in the UK, Spacebot Interactive is an indie game developer and publisher, who has a passion for retro-style video games. They develop new releases for retro consoles and retro-style games for modern platforms. 

Genesis is published by Incube8 Games which is a subsidiary of Retro Modding, a Montreal-based company. Created back in 2016, Retro Modding’s mission is to ensure the long life of retro handheld systems. Incube8 Games was launched in 2021 with the aim of facilitating the publishing of retro video game cartridges, mainly for 8-bit handheld consoles. Supported by Retro Modding’s expertise and supply chain, Incube8 Games offers turnkey publishing solutions for physical releases from the custom cartridges and PCBs to the boxes and games manuals.

This new-old game is currently available on pre-order until June 7th, 2021 2 PM EST and ships in September 2021. The Pre-order includes a Sealed box, Black game cartridge and Cartridge protector. In addition, there is a game manual, and pre-sale versions include a limited edition Genesis stickers sheet. I made sure to get my order in to show support to companies that keep that retro community alive. Any visuals you see are from a ROM that was given to me by the publisher.

Genesis Gameboy Game

The gameplay is a flashback to the era of vertical scrolling action shooters. Iconic games like 1942, Ikaruga and Crysis Force. It is 4 levels of straight vertical action that is non-stop. This single-player game is all about achieving the highest score in a run. However, it’s not as easy as it looks. In over 40-60 tries I barely got past the first boss and when I did I died immediately. If this was an arcade game it would have been a quarter eater. 

What is Genesis

The story of Genesis will be in the game manual. However, the press kit has a synopsis. The year is 2120, Earth has been attacked by an evil AI – GENESIS. One single fighter has broken through the ferocious siege. Fight your way through hordes of enemies to reach the main processor of Genesis and destroy it.

The future of mankind depends on you. Can you overcome the evil invasion of Genesis?

I had tons of frustrating fun playing this and I can’t wait to get the physical version to play on my Gameboy Color. The simple yet almost addicting gameplay hooked me for hours. You as the lone pilot shooting, dodging, getting power-ups and just kick arse is endless fun. Like I said this is not an easy game but it’s right in line with the time period it is replicating. The variety of power-ups that deplete on enemy hits make each run unique. It makes you want to go again and again to try each power-up out. Or see if you can keep the power you like till the boss. I’m not sure if this will eventually have a digital release as some of the games by these companies do. However, at the time time of writing this, I’ve seen no plans for that

Genesis is currently on pre-order until June 7th with the physical cartridge shipping in September. Once that gets here I’ll be covering this again.

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