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Games that I want, and will buy but won’t have time to play. I really do enjoy gaming but sometimes being neurodivergent stops me from being able to dedicate the time and focus needed to complete any of my hobbies. Here goes my amazing list of games.

Hellboy Web of Wyrd: I am definitely looking forward to this game, being a big fan of the Hellboy franchise this is something I have to buy. The art style looked beautiful and the trailer had me watching with my mouth wide open in anticipation. I love games with a muted color scheme and they pick one primary color to showcase and in this trailer, it was the red of Hellboy. 

Hellboy Web of Wyrd Trailer

Hades 2: Seeing how I didn’t even finish the first Hades…the only logical thing to do is to buy the second one and leave it collecting dust with the rest of my backlog. Hades is such a beautiful game and as someone that is obsessed with Greek mythology, I really enjoyed how the game told the story. Also, Nemesis is fine as hell in this trailer. 

Hades 2 Reveal Trailer

Bayonetta: Origins: The first thing I said when I saw this game was that it is so beautiful. So of course it’s an instant buy. This might be one I pick up play for a weekend and then never play again. But at least I bought it right? 

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon Trailer

Death Stranding 2: Another game where I haven’t even completed its predecessor but will buy this one because I did really enjoy the time I spend playing the first one. Death Stranding is a beautiful game with amazing music but my free time for gaming is very limited. Hopefully, I can change that in 2023 but if not I am still buying this game. 

Death Stranding 2 Trailer

Viewfinder: A game that I am utterly obsessed with. It’s gorgeous and it’s a puzzle game two of my favorite things. Aesthetics is a big contender for me when I am deciding to purchase a game and this one is very aesthetically pleasing. I am really looking forward to this game being released. 

Viewfinder Trailer

All in all, I should probably work through my backlog and not purchase anything in 2023 but am I really a gamer if I don’t buy new games and play the games that I already own? No, but seriously all of these games really did catch my attention and made me realize that I love a beautiful game. Working through my backlog will become a priority but I also will not stop purchasing games that I want. In the future I will post my backlog and what I actually want to complete and why but until then enjoy this list of amazing games.

If you want to read about a game I did finish check out my article about Beacon Pines here.

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  1. Kai says:

    haha I loooove it so much. Sames for me, i be buying things i have no business buying all haha. I love your work as it always brings me joy :). Keep writing boo ^~^!

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