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For context, I’ve been playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes since returning in 2019. Developed by Capital Games, owned by Electronic Arts, Galaxy of Heroes is truly unique. The game has earned more than both modern Battlefront titles combined. In large part due to insane prices. However, a new update is rocking the very foundations and is so drastic that even I had to spend money.

How They Make Money

When it comes to the in-game store, there is a lot you can waste money on. Common sights include gear bundles, relic packs, and character shards. Prices vary depending on how much is being offered in the pack. But, on average, most packs hover between $20 and $50. Most of the game’s revenue comes from releasing new characters as “whales” (players who go all in with their wallet) can spend up to $400 unlocking and maxing out new characters on day one. Thats right. $400 for ONE character. Players do not need to spend anything to unlock the characters, but it will take a few months to catch up. With this model, players who splurge are paying for the competitive advantage that this gap provides.

A recent update that was released in the early hours of October 5th challenges everything we know about the game’s progression. Galaxy of Heroes has been online since 2015 and as a result, new players are left with a daunting gap in power with current players. To help players reach end-game content quicker new packs have been added to the store. These packs have insane value. Players can spend as little as $10, which is nothing in the game’s usual economy, to receive several characters at high gear status. These characters are all requirements for powerful characters called “Galactic Legends” which are a staple of the end game.

The New Packs

The packs that are currently available elevate the characters needed to unlock GL Kylo and GL Rey. For $20, I saved myself at least eight months of grinding per Galactic Legend. Due to the Developer’s business practices and controversial decisions, I’ve not spent any money up to this point. But the incredible value being offered by these packs is so high that I simply couldn’t pass this opportunity up.

For those players out there who want to be #1 right out of the gate, these packs are something you’d want to invest in. But you’d have to act now, as these packs are only being offered for a limited time. Possibly as a trial to gauge engagement with players who don’t typically spend money. And in that respect, they got me to take the plunge. My prediction is that subsequent packs will ramp in price or will upgrade fewer characters.

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