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Another game-to-film adaptation is on the horizon. Game adaptations have become increasingly popular, with the recent success of Amazon’s Fallout series setting a high bar. Next in line is Fort Solis, a cinematic game that seems ripe for the silver screen treatment. According to IGN, the game’s “developer Fallen Leaf recently partnered with Studios Extraordinaire” to bring their creation to life.

For those unfamiliar with Fort Solis, here’s a quick rundown. It’s a collaborative project between Fallen Leaf and Black Drakkar, a four-chapter narrative experience set on Mars. Players take on the role of Jack Leary, an engineer summoned to the titular Fort Solis after a distress call. Upon arrival, the task is to gain entry into the base and uncover the fate of the missing crew. The game aimed to “deliver a high-fidelity experience designed to completely immerse the player in the cast and their long night,” promising “emotion, fear, empathy, and much more with every chapter.” It also boasted an impressive voice cast, including Troy Baker, Roger Clark, and Julia Brown.

Fort Solis The Movie

The film adaptation will be helmed by André Hedetoft and Andreas Troedsson of Studios Extraordinaire. In a video interview, the duo explains their reasons for partnering with Fallen Leaf and their excitement for the project. IGN has quotes from them, expressing their awe at the game’s reveal and their vision for translating its essence to the big screen.

You have a super-cinematic immersive experience playing it, you have amazing characters and actors that brought them to life in the game, and you have some really creative people behind it, and I think this is exactly the kind of dream project to make.

We also have in this story some of the most interesting characters I’ve ever seen and you as a viewer or a player are thrown into that conflict with some really interesting moral dilemmas, ethical questions, and science-fiction thriller mysteries.

André Hedetoft on the adaptation

I think both you and me, we love sci-fi, we love the thriller. When you have a few characters in a very isolated place – I mean, you have everything in Fort Solis, all those elements together. And the thriller is that you don’t really know who is right or who is wrong.

What we’re doing right now is the most crucial, the most creative part of the whole process. What is the purpose of doing this as a film and how can we emerge it into this new audience as well that haven’t played the game or will probably play it after seeing the film or the other way around.

And the thoughts of Andreas Troedsson

Though did you get a chance to play the game when it launched on PC and PlayStation 5? If so what were your thoughts on the game?

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