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Sports games are plentiful across the platforms, though some sports are less catered for on consoles. Snooker for example only has one console release at present and golf is getting a new game this Spring. Being a fan of the sport and having used to play it, it’s one on my radar. Another sport personally close to my heart you have probably guessed is football or known in the US as soccer. There are not many games available for the sport considering the fan base. We have FIFA which is changing its name next year and eFootball. However, for those who want more depth, SI has its management series. The latest is Football Manager 23.

This launched last year on PC and Xbox and is available both via Game Pass as well as on the Epic Store and Steam. It also appears on the Nintendo Switch as Football Manger 2023 Touch. So what the game is about you choose a side to manage and aim to be next Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, or Jose Mourinho. You deal with picking the side, buying and selling players, and choosing tactics from formation and playstyle. You also get the joy of dealing with the press. It’s a game genre I know well since I started in 1984. That was Kevin Toms Football Manager. However, you’ll have noticed we have no release on PlayStation at all. This has not been unusual as we know from Miles Jacobson of SI Games.

However, for this year’s installment was set to launch on PlayStation. Then suddenly it was delayed.

The Update On Football Manager 2023 For PlayStation

Finally, fans can be excited to have a release date especially since it’s already available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Or can they as the release details posted on Twitter’s show?

We have a release date that offers a 20% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers at launch. However, that only mentions PlayStation 5 as the game is playable on Xbox One as we see on the store listing, what about PlayStation 4? Even the official website shows it’s on Xbox One.

No PlayStation 4 Release?

It is an odd decision, except it was never announced for PlayStation 4 when pre-orders went live in October and the announcement was made. They also confirmed no PlayStation 4 launch as well on Twitter. So it seems for some reason it can’t launch on PlayStation 4.

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