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Square Enix’s Ambitious Battle Royale Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier. The Free to Play mobile game players are wishing will come to consoles and PC.

“So, you wanna become a part of S.O.L.D.I.E.R? let’s get you enlisted.”

What is Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier about?

Square Enix’s Ambitious Battle Royale The First Soldier is set 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy 7. Final Fantasy First SOLDIER is about an Electric Power Company called Shinra. Shinra is seeking to enlist several unique fighters to take on special missions. The combatants of First SOLDIER were put through a rigorous screening test by Shinra, making all fighters qualified to use the energy source called Mako. If exposed to Mako for long periods of time it delivers genetic mutation that enhances speed, strength, and agility to superhuman levels.

These genetically modified soldiers must compete in a live training simulation that measures their probabilities for success on the battlefield based on their performance. This determines their class or rank, the classifications are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The goal of most SOLDIER candidates is to become SOLDIER 1st Class (like Zack or Sephiroth). The perfect premise for a Battle Royale.

What type of Battle Royale game is Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier?

“The planet has infinite amounts of resources, dude trust me “

Square Enix’s First Soldier is a third person competitive action shooter with RPG elements. There are 75 players dropping onto the battlefield with the potential to become the sole survivor. Players have two options of engagement Solo or Trios.

The map begins as a massive playground. Within three minutes it shrinks around 75% original size. A sizeable storm will drain health. Players are to move to a designated area on the map each phase or be eliminated.

What makes Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier unique?

“I’ve never crashed through the roof of a church before….”

On the battlefield are Final Fantasy 7 locations, minions, bosses, chocobos, vehicles, materia, chests, items, abilities, summons, vaults, gameplay mechanics, vending machines, jukeboxes, resurrections, and weapons. The challenges of the map are just a small obstacle, the big one is the depth of the game mechanics.

“This….looks…familiar. Was it a tv show?”

Locations come with fanfare, rare chests, and vault keys. Players can find easter eggs. Players will encounter familiar foes as well. A real treat for diehard franchise fans and even FF7Remake players.

“See, an amateur would try to fight with a sword, just shoot the thing.”

Minions, bosses, and other players can be subject to stagger. There’s a stagger gauge to give you an idea of how close you are to downing that enemy, if it’s moving slow, switch tactics. First Soldier allows staggered enemy bonuses. FF7Remake’s gameplay mechanic. Rewarding players with a flashy finishing move.

Everyone’s gonna wanna ride your chocobo

“Unfortunately, the cast RUIN isn’t in the game so…”

Chocobos requests are only from Chocobo posts. Chocobos have unique stats and abilities. Using a Chocobo allows for faster movement, higher jumping, stronger attack, and extra cover/armor. Yes, You can attack with your Chocobo. Players are vulnerable on a Chocobo. Players are allowed to customize their Chocobo, feed it foods it likes, breed chocobos for even better Chocobo abilities. Chocobos have a limit on how many abilities are available. Chocobos are in post-game loot Shinra packs. Three chocobos to a stable, seven with real-life currency involved.

Vehicles…motorcycles have turbo boosts…the truck is a truck..they don’t control well…just stick with a Chocobo okay?

Embrace the Magic

“Witness the stars descend!”

In Square Enix’s Ambitious Battle Royale Materia is crystallized, Mako. Depending on the color of the materia you will get different effects. First Soldier has green materia which is Magic. Magic materia can level up depending on the specific materia in your possession. Gather enough of the same materia to level it up three times for maximum effect. Materia costs MP (Magic points). Featured materia are Blizzard, Thunder, Fire, Blind, Gravity, Comet, Aero, Cure, and Bio. Comet cannot be leveled up, it is a rare and devastating magic ability. Aero can launch any player to great heights, don’t worry no fall damage just superhero landings!

The loot ranges from common, uncommon, rare, and exotic. Chests can have special orders in them that give you bonus points. Players are allowed separation to complete missions. Post-game shops are available for collection.

Items can have several effects on your style of gameplay. Vault keys will get you the best drops outside of supply drops. There are 3 types of healing items called potions. It’s best to choose which description you’re seeking. Are you looking to heal after taking damage? Pickup the Cat Bell or if you’re seeking treasure, hunting, resting places, Chocobo stables, or vehicles there’s an item for you!

“Surprisingly enough, these are also skins players can don!”

Summonses are powerful offensive and defensive beings. Summons stay close to protect the caster. Deities are game-changers. FF7 Remake Conditions for summons remain. Players on the field can defeat summons.

No Materia, No Problem

Gameplay mechanics are a huge thing in Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier. Jumping, running up solid structures, vault through windows, double jump, stealth, go prone, Aim down sights, cancel animations, ground/air melee, hip fire, strafe, and dodge roll to secure a win.

Weapons are either close range to long-range common to exotic. Some minions will carry weapons like a bomb launcher if you defeat them. Outside of casting magic, physically attacking, riding chocobos, running up walls, using abilities, etc; Use Handguns, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Snipers, Light Machine Guns, Sub Machine Guns, Staffs, Hand to hand, Swords, Daggers, and Shurikens to best the competition.

Assistance and Troublemaking

Vending machines will be scattered throughout Midgar, they provide items, materia, upgrades, and weapons to provide players with an edge in battle. Vending machines cost GIL, stocking up 150 GIL minimum would suffice for a rare item.

Jukeboxes are one of the most incredible things to grace a Battle Royale to me. What happens is you or any one of your teammates find a jukebox, turn it on, it’ll play your selected FF7 music throughout that area. You can choose what music is playing on your menu screen, your vehicle, and in the jukebox by purchasing music with in-game currency at the Mog Shop.

Resurrections of teammates are available at phone booths. Phone icons appear on the map. Players are to have GIL resurrect other SOLDIERs.

Create a SOLDIER

“When I get to 1st Class I’m going to have someone make an unorthodox sword-like 65ft long. Ha genius.”

In First Soldier, players get the option of choosing their base appearance, facial features, and voices. You can always change the appearance at any time in the barracks including turning off voices.

The meat of the customization is in the gameplay of the abilities.

Choose your Style, SOLDIER

“Sometimes you gotta strangle a SOLDIER or two”

Style Mastery has their own reward tree via master level. Each Style has a 2 abilities and 3 skills. Customizing your style will also throw default users for a loop, they never knew a pugilist could heal their entire team! The more you use the class the more class-specific rewards you can unlock. That includes emotes, character cosmetics, the currency for the shop, chocobo cosmetics, weapon cosmetics, banners, titles, etc;

What about the Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier Shop?

The shop has real-life currency mostly available to purchase, no pay-to-win models, and you can use Shinra Packs for a loot box drop of 3 random items. Daily login rewards for the first week. There’s a Battlepass with really good rewards for all manner of content mentioned above. If you gather enough materials you can go into a Collection tab and make a moogle version of any of the cosmetic options. Mog shops are endgame secret stores you can use GIL for, you can purchase special effects in the battle royale for rare titles for your SOLDIER. For a Free to Play game, without using real life currency, The First Soldier has a lot to offer console gamers.

What’s the cost to become 1st Class?

“I took those moments and I gave my take. I asked them to add that Reno costume!”

Free to just have fun and enjoy the ever-growing universe of Final Fantasy 7. If you wanna be 1st class you’ll have to go into ranking and level yourself to that height. Constant changes are happening and square is being vigilant in their responses, downtimes for maintenance are fast and they provide apology gifts for taking away our Mako. This game belongs to current-generation console hardware why? Cause my battery keeps dying!

Download to see what all the fuss is about!!

Watch to see what all the fuss is about!

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