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If you’re eagerly awaiting Final Fantasy 16 I’m sure you’re not alone. I’m intrigued by the game and hope it’s one for me. I did enjoy what I played of the fifteenth main game and enjoyed the first part of the remake of the much-loved Final Fantasy 7. Now if you’re like me you are anticipating the upcoming Final Fantasy 16 demo. It also shouldn’t be too long before Sony and Square Enix start the big promotion push and I won’t be surprised if it’s a key part of the next State of Play.

We’ve received an update on the game’s run time, which will be helpful to prepare for its release on PlayStation 5 this Summer. During a recent interview, information was shared regarding the game’s run time for the story mode, as well as the estimated time for completion for those who opt to complete all aspects of the game.

So How Long Is The Upcoming Final Fantasy

According to the interview director Hiroshi Takai and producer Naoki Yoshida decided to factor in the lives of gamers. The article from IGN containing information from the interview states they “thought out the play time for Final Fantasy 16’s story mode to take into account that gamers have busy lives outside of video games, so they wrote it in a way that allows players to do just the bare minimum if they’re too busy to do any side quests. The team aimed for 20 hours at first, but the extra content they put into it brought the story time to 35 hours”. So it’s not the smallest game out there but it’s managable to play. A lot shorter than what gamers faced when the Dying Light 2 time to complete was announced. To fully complete the upcoming RPG Takai says to expect 70-80 hours.

When the game development was just starting out, I had the idea in mind that gamers these days are really busy with other things, so I wanted them to be able to at least aim to complete the story,” Yoshida said. “I thought making the game something you can complete in about 20 hours would make sense, but more and more just got packed in.

[Final Fantasy 16] is a story-driven game that will take you on a roller coaster trip,” Takai said. “You’ll see the entirety of Clive’s way of life, and the game will probably take about 35 hours to clear. If we include side content, it’ll be double that amount.

That’s not all, however, there’s a much harder new game + mode called Final Fantasy Mode. You can also compete with others online with the game’s online leaderboard.

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