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This week we talk about Guilty Gear Strive’s first DLC character reveal, we get some details for the Stylish Street Fighter: Duel, and we get hyped as more and more rumors and leaks come out over a possible NetherRealm Marvel game.  

Fighter’s corner is back and I want to thank those that waited this long for another round of fighting game news from around the web. Ready? Let’s go!

Round 1:  The Secretary of Absolute Defense: Goldlewis Dickenson joins Guilty Gear Strive 

A monster of a man almost as scary as Potemkin. He is the latest fighter joining the fray and he will be a powerhouse. Literally a house, THE WHITE HOUSE!  “Goldlewis is the first-ever Secretary of Defense in the history of the United States who is also an active-duty military officer. 
With his excellent judgment and ability to lead based on his extensive combat experience, he has garnered immense popularity and earned the trust of those around him. 

His personal combat prowess is said to be equivalent to the entire White House Security Force, and it is no exaggeration to say that the security and authority of the United States are established due to his presence, making him the mainstay of the nation.”  

The developer’s description above gives us a lot to worry about going VS but a lot to be excited for if he ends up being your main. Armed with a steel coffin, minigun, and a satellite dropping bombs he definitely lives up to the title Secretary of Absolute Defense. America would be proud to have him as the man in charge of protecting it. Security clearance is an interesting mechanic that I hope to explore, as security clearance rises his attacks become deadlier. Goldlewis is available to everyone on July 30th, 2021, and to those who purchased the season pass, He’s available now! 

Round 2:  Street Fighter: Duel is getting a global release outside of China. 

SF: Duel is a mash-up of a BeatEmUp game with RPG elements that puts all of your SF characters taking on boss battles with the recognizable Hadokens, Dragon punches and Hurricane kicks we love from the series. The game features a full single-player story complete with cutscenes, unlockable character cards, and a hybrid battle system that combines combos, quick-time events. Don’t forget the stylish alternate costumes that dresses up your team as they take on the Shadoloo. The last mobile Capcom game I played and spent tons of money on was Teppen a card battle game using Capcom characters. This looks to scratch an itch I didn’t know I had as a Stylish Street Fighter. 

  • Stylish Street Fighter: Duels

 Capcom has not given a date for when SF: Duel will be available worldwide, but if the 2019 release of TEPPEN is anything to go by, the launch will likely be pretty random. Here’s hoping it’s as fun to play as Teppen was for this fighting game fan. Stay tuned to LV1gaming for future updates. 

Round 3: Rumors and leaks of a NetherRealm Marvel fighting game hit reddit

A Reddit post by Comicconthrowaway has gotten the FGC excited for the possibilities of a new fighter by NetherRealm Studios. 

The Reddit post does emphasize that it’s based on a 4chan post, but the details in the leak seem to check all the boxes. Rumors have been floating around for a while that Neatherrelam was working on a new injustice-type fighter. With MK11 no longer having DLC or updates it’s only time before we get a new fighter from this studio. The post provides the following details: 

Text of the leak below: 

“NetherRealm Marvel game is indeed real. Very loosely based on World War Hulk. Gameplay is essentially Marvel Injustice. I have zero inside information in this regard, but I imagine they will eventually cross over. Characters are completely redesigned and reimagined by NR like Injustice. Some of the costumes (Spider-Man in particular) people are not going to be a fan of. Thankfully all the movie costumes are planned DLC packs so have fun with that. 

The roster is as follows: 

Doctor Octopus 






Arnim Zola 



Deacon Frost 

Madam Masque 

Moon Knight 

Ghost Rider 

Shang- Chi 



Captain America 


Iron Man 

Black Widow 



Black Panther 


Groot&Rocket(duo character) 





Kitty Pryde

Mr. Fantastic

Preorder Bonus: Deadpool 

First DLC pack(already planned): Daredevil Cyclops Raiden Kylo Ren 

No idea what future DLC could look like. I know they were looking for unexpected guest characters.” 

This has been the most detailed of the rumors s regarding the next NetherRealm Game. They have had the FGC excited for a possible Injustice sequel or in a crazy world-changing event maybe a DC VS Marvel fighter. Ed Boon has hinted at crossovers between the big 2 in the past. I hope that we can get a mashup of these universes to have our comic book dreams play out on screen. 

Thank you for hanging tough through the rounds. I’ll be back next week with more fighting game news. In the meantime check out all the great work and articles on Remember, Keep Fighting My Friends.  

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