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LV1 Gaming was on the expo floor at PAX East 2024 and had the pleasure of checking out Faeland. Developed and published by Talegames this 2D 16-bit adventure game puts you in the shoes of a skilled hunter named Sam who is exploring the fantasy world of Faeland. Like any good fantasy game, you will find yourself exploring castles, dungeons, and forests. Sam will be able to take advantage of a wide range of weapons that will impact his combat speed and strength. So check out our interview about this early-access adventure title below!

Faeland PAX East 2024 Interview

Key Features

  • Diverse Arsenal. Choose from a wide range of weapons, all of which impact attack animation, speed, strengths, and effects.
  • Skill Scrolls. Acquire new abilities throughout your journey by receiving scrolls via exploration or as a reward for solving heroic quests.
  • Impactful Customization. Show off your shiny new gear while also benefiting from the added strength and protection of different tunics and clothing gear, shields, gadgets, weapons and mythical tools that will support the hero in his journey.
  • Classic-Inspired Pixel Graphics. Detailed and handmade pixel art animations and environments in an “enhanced 16-Bit” expose wide color palettes, widescreen resolutions and fluid animations resulting in a contemporary and appealing art style.

The ability to interact with NPCs and wield weapons ranging from daggers to spears creates a novel experience. Sam will unlock and access new abilities throughout his journey to save the realm of Faeland. A grand adventure awaits and Faeland is currently in early access via Steam for $19.99. This game will be a hit for those who enjoy deep combat options and a challenging world. If you want more information about Faeland check out the official Steam page and Talegames website. For more PAX East 2024 coverage make sure to check out LV1 Gaming’s Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube Channel.

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