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For what felt like quite some time and a long wait of the rumor mill. It felt like Fable wasn’t going to get revealed and only was speculation for internet fodder. But, Instead, as of today, It was shown at Xbox Games Showcase as the cherry on top for the show. Playground Games is taking the helm for the series and is taking Fable head-on. Now it’s not known if the newest entry is a reboot or a continuation from Fable 3. However, whatever the title may possibly be, It’s happily welcomed back as Fable was truly missed. Check out the trailer below. A question on everyone’s mind is when can we expect to see more of Fable. Unfortunately, gamers across the world may have to wait another year to see more of this game. Although Playground Games has amassed some amazing talent over the last year, this title is still in early development. Nothing is set in stone however, we are confident players will have this game in hand sometime late 2022. One thing to keep in mind is that this title will not be on Xbox One. This title will be exclusive to Xbox Series X and PC.

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