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I know I have not been keeping up with my backlog journey but hey, life. It’s time to make an announcement: I’ve made significant progress by finally playing and beating Fable Anniversary. I know before you start booing and throwing tomatoes digitally at me. My backlog has become a roommate in my life that does not pay bills and takes up space. Also, I have a monstrous number of games I want to play but limited time. Back to the main point Fable was surprisingly fun and entertaining for a game that launched in 2004.

Look, obviously this is the anniversary version of the title, and quality of life fixes are included. Also, it is clear I am extremely late to this party. Gee golly, Hot cheese, and crackers, this game holds up! The dialogue is funny, the world is dense, and it offers quite an RPG experience.


Fable Anniversary

The story starts off in an atypical fashion. Kid’s family and the village are slaughtered then a strange powerful person comes in to raise him like a son. Honestly, I thought the game was going to follow a simple revenge plan from that point forward but boy was I wrong. It’s weird worrying about spoilers to a game that is almost old enough to drink but “This is the way”. Without ruining some key plot points just know that the story of Fable is a truly enjoyable experience full of emotion and triumph. The real story though is the one you create based on your actions.

Do you wish to own a whole town? Be a scion for good? Become the ultimate evil of Albion? Maybe even settle down in your old village and become the chicken-kicking legend. The story of Fable has major plot points but how you get to them is completely up to you. It’s not a cheesy gimmick either every action you take will lead down the path of good or bad.

Graphics Look Good For An Old Game

Graphically the game shows its age, but it is not ugly in any way, shape, or form. It has a cartoonish style, the characters have large heads, and feet like Rescue Hero’s. Fable does a great job at feeling large. The game’s world is split up into open areas that can be explored. The character designs outside of key story characters get very repetitive but they do look good. The world is just big enough to get lost in and the enemies and NPC’s respawn in certain areas give you characters to constantly interact with. The game is pretty so enough about that.

Fable Anniversary

The most important thing that kept me from putting this game down until I completed it, was the gameplay. Often times games from the early 2000s do not age well because of the advancement of game mechanics. Now this being the Anniversary or remastered version of Fable could play a part in my enjoyment. Overall, though this gameplay loop was fun. The combat was as expected a bit clunky, and the lock-on was not always your best friend. Even with those issues, I did not want to stop playing. The weapons depending on their type and weight had varying swing speeds. In the end, the most stand-out part of the game was the role-playing elements.

Fable Anniversary Is A Deep RPG Experience

I was a boy scout for most of my playthrough, one that stole a lot but still did right by the people. The thing that caught me off guard was that my class was based on my actions and playstyle. At one point during my mini crime spree, I was known as “Famous Spellwarrior Called Reaper”. There are four hero stats that affect how you interact with the world and how it interacts with you. Renown is how famous you are and missions are locked behind that. Alignment is either negative or positive and this is basically your good or evil meter. There is even an attractiveness and scariness meter. Best believe my character is very handsome while yet menacing at the same time, imagine Benecio del Toro in Sicario.

Fable Anniversary

Ultimately, if you are as I was one of the few who have not played Fable, do yourself a favor and go play it. Fable Anniversary is a game filled with mechanics that feel timeless and a story that still holds up. Go play this game and thank me later.

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