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Free-to-play online competitive shooter, ExoMecha is releasing in August 2021. Developed by TwistedRed for the Xbox Series X|S and also the Xbox One. ExoMecha was first revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase in 2020. The developers are claiming this will be the next generation of battle royale games.

Customizable classes, late 80’s and early 90’s mech vibes, also a variety of vehicles outside of mechs. These are a few ways this game is going to differ from others in its genre. Fully customized class systems will allow you to adjust your abilities, weapons, gadgets, and tactical equipment.

Tank and Helicopter

For instance, if you just want to focus on two active abilities, you can have them, but must drop one of your weapons and all your passive abilities. Each choice will have different penalties to balance your character build.

Nursan Akinci, Coordinator, TwistedRed

Another dope element making its way to the game, mid-match customization. The idea of adjusting my character to fit the final engagements sounds epic. Passive and active abilities are a major part of the customization mechanics. Also, the abilities will allow you to choose abilities to fit your specific playstyle.

Not only are there going to be giant shiny metallic mechs. There will be a quad, jeep, heavy tank, spider tank, and a helicopter available to use. To add to the maneuverability of the game the characters will have a grappling hook. This will allow you to keep the gameplay dynamic and fast pace. There is no official release date as of yet, but ExoMecha at this point will be launching in August 2021.

Shiny Intense Combat

Personal Sidenote

I am looking forward to ExoMecha plain and simple. The gameplay trailers remind me of a mix of Battlefield and Titanfall. Also, the idea of fighting a giant metal fire breathing dragon sounds like one hell of an experience.

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