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Black in Gaming Foundation (BIG) is centered around fostering and empowering Black professionals within the video game industry. During BIG Awards 2024, a close friend of LV1 Gaming Chase Bethea was selected to receive the Excellence In Artistry Award. This award is issued to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional creativity, talent, and dedication within the gaming industry. Which easily defines who Chase Bethea is and the quality of the art he creates.

“I am deeply honored to receive the Excellence in Artistry Award from the Black in Gaming Foundation,” said Bethea. “This recognition means a great deal to me, and I am most grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of game music. The artistry process is mostly undervalued, but never forgotten. We are the generators that can bring happiness and peace to people at any stage in their lives. In my case, I am the writer of nostalgia that touches people aurally. I like to call this “sonic nostalgia.” The privilege comes with great humility to create memories at any stage in your life through musical textures. Thank you kindly for listening attentively and appreciating eclectic quality,” Bethea continued. “This award is a testament to the small thought I had at another industry award show several years ago: that I have to keep doing my own thing. We are limitless beings. We can be better than we were yesterday and be greater than we are now, tomorrow” 

Chase Bethea BIG Awards 2024 Acceptance Speech
Excellence In Artistry Award
(Photo courtesy of Brandi Rollins)

Acknowledged by his peers and others within the video game industry as the “Swiss army knife of video game composition.” Mr. Bethea has earned many other awards including the NYX and Global Music awards. His musical compositions have graced over 25 games including the award-winning title On the Peril of Parrots which is out now for PC via Steam.

Chase Bethea’s Excellence In Artistry Award Acceptance

Chase Bethea embodies artistic greatness. His dedication and care that goes into each track he writes is remarkable. His works are not only recognized but also appropriately praised and awarded. If this is your first time hearing about Chase, be sure to check out his composer website, which includes award-winning soundtracks. Also, be sure to follow him on social media and tell him that LV1 Gaming sent you and that we are very proud of him.

About The BIG Foundation

Established in 2002, Black In Gaming or BIG set out on a mission to create avenues for education, leadership development, and skill enhancement for Black people in gaming. Microaggressions, implicit biases, and discrimination are obstacles that BIG has set out to help people overcome. The vision of BIG is to inspire a world where every individual has equity in the gaming industry. The mission is to connect, educate, and empower black talent in the worldwide gaming ecosystem by striving to achieve significant increases in black representation. That accurately reflects the diverse participants in the industry.

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