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Evil West is the newest game from Developers Flying Wild Hog. If you are unfamiliar with their work they are most notorious for the Shadow Warrior franchise and even released Trek to Yomi earlier this year.

Welcome to the Weird West

Evil West is an action-adventure game set in the Old West. You play Jesse Rentier son of William Rentier, leader of the Rentier Institute. The Rentier Institute’s main mission is to protect humans from the bloodthirsty predators that plague the world. Early on the Rentier Institute is destroyed by an ambush of monsters and the leader, Jesse’s father William is severely injured. This is where Jesse’s journey begins.


The gameplay is set in a linear get to Point A to Point B style-level design. There is only one path to your main goal in these levels, with small areas to explore to find piles of money or chests that unlock new upgrades. There are lite RPG elements within the game as you can upgrade every single piece of equipment to help dispatch your foes faster and more efficiently.

Outside of upgrading your character, there is a ton of combat scenarios. Here is where I find a big flaw in this title. Combat scenarios for the most part locked into these small, medium, or large-size arenas. In these combat scenarios, you have to take out a certain number of enemies in order to progress to the next area. This way of conducting combat felt very much early 360/PS3 genre style of a game in a bad way. Even when you can see the monsters right on the other side of a vault section you can not engage in combat with them until you vault over and enter the designated combat area.

How About The Combat?

While the majority of the game’s combat is divided into distinct sections. Which I did not like. However, I enjoyed the combat itself. The game does offer a wide range of options for dealing with the monsters that stand in your way. You can switch between hand-to-hand combat (which is what I did most of the time) and long-range attacks with your rifle. Or use your revolver and shotgun, which you unlock later in the game, for close-range attacks. Combat felt fluid and natural, and it was simple to pick up on. I’m not sure if it’s because I just spent 50 hours beating God of War: Ragnarok before reviewing this game.


Evil West is a AA game trying to fit into the AAA gaming space. This can be a blessing and a curse. The game’s world setting is unique and falls alongside a modern-day Van Helsing game. However, this game is not consistent when I look at the quality of the world and level structure. I don’t know how in one case I can look at the game and think “Wow this is a really beautiful-looking game.” To the next level wondering where all that beauty went. A lot of textures look muddy or missing especially when you fight the base enemies in the game. I played on the Xbox Series X all the way through in Performance mode. Which is 1080p, locked at 60fps. Even switching to the Quality mode was no help with this issue.

Regardless of how well the game performs, the story falls short. It was difficult for me to feel invested in these characters because there was no build-up. The game immediately immerses you in the action, leaving no room for the player to truly care. The plot becomes increasingly predictable. Allowing you to predict what will happen later on.

In Conclusion

Evil West has a lot of good ideas at its core and a world that would be interesting to dig into. I was hoping that there would be more to the game. But I felt that it was too outdated in a lot of the elements for the game to really shine brightly outside the slew of releases. The story was very simple and straightforward but very unforgettable. It did not make me really feel accomplished or fulfilled upon completion. Outside of the game’s great combat, the rest of Evil West just feels empty. I felt that the enemies were very uninspired and the boss fights were unbalanced. Especially on harder difficulties. With all the frustration I found, it is very hard for me to really recommend Evil West as a “Must Play” title for 2022.

Co-Op Note

I just wanted to make a note that during my review. I was unable to try out the game in coop mode. As you need to have at least one friend playing the game to do so. There is no type of matchmaking to randomly find players to play with.

Integrity Corner

I spent 19 hours slaying hordes of monsters. While leveling up Jesse and reaching the game’s final conclusion on Evil Difficulty. I as well obtained 21/29 of the game’s Achievements. Code was provided to LV1 Gaming by the publisher.

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Sound Design



  • Great combat
  • Great mix of Upgrades
  • Sound Design


  • Lack of enemy Variety
  • Segmented combat sections
  • Quality in level design
  • Lack Luster Story

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