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Due to the non-stop success of Dead by Daylight the Asyimmetrical multiplayer style horror games have made a massive push. From games like Friday the 13th to the recently released Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Many are following in the trail left by Behaviour’s massively successful horror game. Another game following in the footsteps was 2022’s Evil Dead. However, it seems that all good things come to an end as the Evil Dead devs are ending support for the game.

In a rather direct message posted on their Twitter account the made the announcement. Keeping it rather short the message reads as below:

The team at Saber stated that they will no longer be developing new content. As well as canceling the Nintendo Switch version of the game. While there will be no further content, they are keeping the current servers on for the time being. How long they will stay up is still uncertain right now. But as it is now, it seems that the Evil Dead videogame is on its way out.

So tell us did you play the Evil Dead videogame? Are you sad that the Evil Dead devs are stopping support for the game, let us know down below.

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