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Dating nowadays is beyond tricky. It’s no longer about just going out to a bar or coffee shop. Thanks to the creation of online dating apps. But what if the murky waters of online dating weren’t the only thing to worry about, what if you also had to, just casually, save the World? Well, Eternights answer that very question as an unknown virus sweeps over the world and it is up to you, to save it.

The question is whether pursuing love in the apocalypse is a good time. Or is it bleak and not worth pursuing, that’s what I aim to answer for you today with my Eternights review. I’ll break down this anime-inspired action JRPG inspired by games like Persona if it’s worth your time. I want to thank the team from Studio Sai for the code for the game.

Spoiler Warning: We will be going over many plot points so be warned


It starts with an app

The story starts out with our main character hanging out with his best friend Chani. He is helping us to create a dating profile for a new dating app, as we struggle in our search for love. He helps to ask us some questions about us to use. After hanging out for a bit he tells us of an upcoming concert to see the hottest idol out right now, Yuna.

After Chani leaves after having failed to acquire tickets to the concert; he sends us a link to another dating app. This time doing a personality quiz to help with matching people. Our character answers the quiz to immediately be matched with a lovely lady. She asks to go out on a romantic yacht date together the next day. However, on the way to the yacht date, things take a turn for the worse. An unknown virus sweeps through the city and is turning people into violent monsters.

We make our way to a shelter with Chani where the news of the infection sweeping the whole world, and creating walls around preventing anyone from escaping. After a few days, they both decide to leave the shelter to look for other survivors. After running around for a while they run into Yuna and another survivor. It is there that they go searching to find others and escape from the shelter.

No Arm, No Problem

After looking around they approach who they think is a police officer only for the survivor with Yuna to be killed in front of their eyes. They run away until they run into a drone that tells them of a safe train to hide on. However, on their way to the train they are ambushed by a girl named Dalia who is cutting off the right arms of every she finds looking for someone.

After capturing our group she proceeded to cut off our right arm. This is where we passed out, only after awakening to our yacht date with our mystery woman. She reveals herself as Lux, one of the creators of life, and talks about how her sibling Umbra stole the Stone, an item that allows for creation and destruction. And that she is planning to awaken it, as to put Her to sleep, and to destroy life and the world as we know. However, Lux loves humans and wants to save them. She offers us the power to save everyone, upon accepting this our arm comes back with the ability to shapeshift into whatever our mind can think of.

After fighting some of the monsters that arrive as Dalia runs away our group runs to the train to escape. Here they meet Aria, who tells them that the train will keep them safe. However, the walls prevent anyone from escaping. And that she is working to help Lux stop Umbra. It is up to the group to help find a way to tear down these walls the world will end.

This setup was quite the wild one in all honesty. However, it is a breath of levity as the story progresses we meet several other characters each as a potential love interest, but with an intriguing backstory as well. From Min, a runner who is afraid after watching her team suffer; or Sia the science-obsessed individual who is enamored with our arm and more. All of this is set to trying to save the world from total destruction.

Throughout the story, while it has a semi-seriousness to it, uses a lot of humor, and I mean a lot. At times it doesn’t take itself seriously at all. All the while, making jokes that are very cringey in the best way. As well as making references to many of the dirty things we know. While the story itself is nothing new as a trope, it is how it is handled that makes it enjoyable. There is a lot to like here, however, I wish there was more, as I felt it could’ve done a lot more. At times it felt a little bit rushed, but overall there is much to enjoy these kinds of games.


The art of Eternights is in a weird spot for me. The art style is very heavily anime-inspired, especially during some cutscenes and during some key moments with characters. This is also added to the fact that the over-exaggeration of facial features helps to sell the over-the-top aesthetic. However, that doesn’t save it from certain parts.

The main point is that the overall look of the game has the feel or style of wanting to be anime with a little bit of exaggeration, but also just feels a bit bland. The game is severely dark in a lot of areas. While focusing on using a lot of neon to offset this imbalance. Both in the day and night cycles, it makes the colors feel heavily washed out. And that can be a bit detracting from the look, especially when you have nicely designed characters like Yuna or Min.

On top of that, there are times with the look and movement of characters can look janky. However that’s ok if that was what was intended, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Overall the game looks fine and is enjoyable to look at. However, I feel that there could’ve been more done to sell the style they wanted.


The sound design of Eternights is one area I feel is the most lacking in this game. Mainly due to the fact there is little in sound design. What I mean is that the game is quiet, a bit TOO quiet. For this I mean, there are a lot of areas, where there is no sound. No background music or anything.

There is a sound bit on the train acting as your main hub, and sometimes if you’re off with your romantic interests at night scavenging the city. However, outside of that, even in combat the game tends to be very quiet. I only really heard some music during some of the boss encounters. I’ve always said, that good sound and music can help to amplify the feeling and mood of a game, and here it lacks a bit.

However, the voice acting is rather top-notch. The voice of each character is so well done that you can feel their emotions. The performance sells the personality of each companion you meet, whether it is the jovial and childish nature of your best friend, Chani. Or the good girl who acts bad popstar, Yuna. From the mild, scared, and enthusiastic runner, Min. Or the overly passionate about Science mad woman, Sia. Each character simply feels alive.

Not to mention the sounds of combat can be quite exciting. Whether that’s using your abilities and here the impact, or hearing the girls call out their support. Combat really helps to shine in the sound. While these don’t save the entire way, it helps a lot.


Surviving Love

As always gameplay is king, and that will never change. In Eternights, there are many inspirations that it takes from. One of the most prominent sources of inspiration is persona. The games focus on a day/night cycle, as well as a focus on increasing one’s stats depending on how one answers in a situation. It shows heavily and that is not a bad thing.

The day-night cycle plays heavily into the dating aspect of the game. As during the day you can improve your relationship with one of the potential partners. You spend time chatting with them and furthering their story about their past, while occasionally taking them on trips into small dungeons. While answering questions here deepens the bond, these hangouts are the main form of upping the rank with each. This also unlocks new abilities to purchase to add to your arsenal.

Now outside of hanging out during the day, at night you can go scavenging the city. Some of the ladies have some special needs, or desires that need to be taken care of. Whether they need you to get them a new blanket, pillows, plushies, or hygienic needs. Heck, maybe they just want you to get them some snacks. Every person is different. And this also helps to provide you with some more bonding points, as well as providing you with stat boosts, as well as upgrade points called essence.

However, if you don’t have enough bond points to increase your rank with anyone during the day you can even train with them to increase one of your social stats, and this can also help provide more bond points.

Eternights Combat!

Now while the game is very much an RPG, it is more RPG-lite. The game plays more like an ARPG, similar to things like Persona 5 Strikers, just without the deep RPG elements. There is no changing equipment or weapons, it is all preset. However, with the character bonding you can increase your stats to help give you an edge in combat.

As for the combat, the game handles this pretty well. Slowly adding more diverse enemies into the mix. All the enemies you meet are based on the humans that were infected. But you have long-range enemies who start by shooting only a single projectile, to shooting 3 or making little AOE attacks, mixed in with fast enemies, and ones that have shields you have to really mix it up.

Now while there is not a lot of variety, in combat, when it comes to combos, it’s how you can chain attacks together that really makes it fun. Whether that’s hitting many enemies at range with your blast, charging using your stinger, finishing a heavy combo to do a whirlwind attack, or using the support skills from the girls to hit your foes. There are many different options to make it fun.

I did run into some issues with the combat here and there, with it being a bit janky sometimes and a bit sluggish to handle but overall, it really is solid.

Closing Thoughts:

My time with the Eternights review, was a truly fun one. While I may have some complaints, the experience given is what sold it to me. That all boils down to the writing and characters while having some fun combat! The game knows exactly what it is and doesn’t try to be more than that. It follows many tropes in anime and other games, however, it makes fun of that with plenty of humor. Some of it slap shtick and others cringe toilet humor and honestly, that’s the best.

A game not afraid to jump into many jokes about internet culture and how it has ruined us is an instant win in my back. It’s horny and funny at the right moments to make you laugh and cry. Mixed with managing your day to meet each deadline per act, the game is fun for those who want a Persona-style experience… Just without the hundreds of persona-style hours.

I want to again thank the team at Studio Sai for providing us with a code for the game. As well as I hope you enjoyed my Eternights review. If you want to play Eterenights for yourself, the game will be launching on PS4, PS5, and PC through Steam and Epic Games Store tomorrow September 12th. If you want to see more of our reviews check them out here on the site. And make sure to follow our YouTube channel for video reviews and more.

Eternights Review Video

-Jess (Bloodieknux)

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