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Elite Dangerous is already one of the biggest space sim games in the market, a title Frontier has worked hard for. 2021 is going to see the game take a step to the outside. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will launch early 2021, you’ll be able to leave your ship and walk around, alongside a host of new content, NPCs, and gameplay systems to support that new way to play. There are new planets with live active outposts settlements, unique planets specific geographical features and you’ll be able to pick up new types of contracts that will carry you through the new content and worlds. Objectives will be varied and expansive, you’ll also have the option to choose between “diplomacy and commerce to lethal stealth and all-out combat”, a standard for the space sim game. There will also be social hubs for you to form alliances, get various services, and even find support in the expert Engineers. You’ll be able to build your character with different types of gear to play some of that first-person combat. You have options to “coordinate with teammates to dive deep into a multi-layered, immersive, tactical environment where Commanders, SRVs, and Starships converge. Details on the Odyssey expansion are pretty vague for now, but the studio said there will be plenty more info as they inch toward launch. The release is set for “early 2021” with more news is to be expected as they get closer to the date.
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