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Elgato’s has released their latest captured card the HD60 X. This card is priced at $199.99 and can capture up to 4K 30fps, 1440p 60fps SDR, or 1080p 60fps HDR, and pass through up to 4k 60fps HDR, 1440p 120fps SDR, or 1080p 240fps SDR. The HD60 X prioritizes cable management by placing both the USB and HDMI ports on the back of the device, unlike the older HD60 S has cables on the front and back.

Elgato HD 60 X/ Elgato

The HD 60 X is Elgato’s first capture card that can pass through variable refresh rate (VRR). This will allow you to keep your gameplay smooth and free of screen tearing, frame drops, and stutter. The Xbox Series X|S consoles both have VRR built into the console, but older Elgato cards like the HD 60 S VRR are dismissed because of the incompatible cards. Additionally, Sony will soon launch its VRR support on the PS5.

Furthermore, the HD60 X is touted to capture video with reduced latency than the previous models and better HDR to SDR tone mapping when a signal is converted to SDR for streaming services. This capture card is created for gamers with current generation consoles looking to produce content with adequate technology.

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