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Survival horror games appear to be on the rise once again. We’ve seen the release of The Callisto Protocol and a remake of Dead Space, the game that revived survival horror after Resident Evil and Silent Hill really brought the genres to the mainstream. It’s known that Alan Wake 2 is going the survival horror route, and we have the remakes of Alone in the Dark and Silent Hill 2 coming soon. The next major release in the survival horror genre is the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil seems to have inspired a ton of games through the years. We had the fan remake of Resident Evil 2 in Daymare 1998, and Steam has a listing for the prequel to that game, Daymare 1994. We also have another game heavily inspired by Resident Evil in Tormented Souls. Capcom’s classic has yet another game inspired by its iconic franchise. Let’s introduce a game being developed by MoonGlint called Echoes of the Living.

If you look for the game on Steam, you can download a demo from the store listing. I decided to fire it up, and it didn’t take long to get the vibe of Resident Evil 2. The plot would fit the franchise well. Let’s look at the story for Echoes of the Living

In 1996, on a quiet small town located in north of Europe, a misterious fog suddenly rises upon the town in a clear night, their inhabitants have no clue of the horrors and chaos that were about to unleash.

Not longer after, the locals get sick and panic runs all over the place, nobody knows how or why the dead walks on the streets, a few hours later all left in the town are the echoes of the living…

Take a look at gameplay from the start of the demo which can be seen below

You can choose from one of two characters, as well. That is not only an homage to Capcom’s IP but to all of the 1990s entries in the horror genre with the same fixed camera angles.

Echoes Of The Living Worth A Look

The first thing you’re advised to do is look at the controls, and it’s recommended to use a controller. If you choose to use a keyboard, the game’s tank controls are relevant to the player’s position, not the camera, meaning it will take a moment to adjust to an older control type. However, the game is very much worth playing even with the almost ancient control and camera, especially for fans of the genre.

We see from the opening that it’s very similar to Leon arriving in Racoon City, and the game looks like a modern game. I’m not sure if this is a PC-only game or if it will be released on consoles. I have reached out to one of the developers on Twitter. Hopefully, it can come to consoles at some point. I might cover this game more as it progresses so stay tuned for more.

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