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To say that fishing is scary is hard to believe. However, if you read my Dredge review earlier this year, you will know the game has a fun time of tripping you out with otherworldly horrors! It even recently got a major update to add new aberration variations of the crabs. Things will change as Dredge “The Pale Reach” gets icy in its new DLC.

Following the past 3 free updates. Which add map markers, a photo mode, and ship customization with the new crabs. The Pale Reach will be the first paid expansion—introducing an entire new frozen biome, along with new equipment, 11 new fish and crabs, as well as aberration forms. There is a nice chunky-sized fish worth of content here. You can watch the eerie trailer below:

As you can see the eerie atmosphere but unique world is back. For fans wishing to return to those haunted waters, Dredge The Pale Reach will be launching on November 16th on all platforms. It will cost £5.99/US $5.99/€5.99 respectively.

Tell us are you going to get the new DLC for this spooky fishing game, have you played the base game? Let us know down below as it is the season for spooky fun!

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