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Fishing is hard work that’s for sure especially when it’s just you on the sea. However, fighting off the madness of being alone is the most significant part. And Dredge has that in spades. Not only did I review it a while ago, but there is big news for fans of the game. As Dredge gets crabby in the newest update!

That’s right as fans of the horror fishing game coming from Team 17 & Black Salt is getting its next update. This free update makes some nice new additions, such as ship customization. Allowing sea-worthy ship captains to add a fresh coat of paint to their boats. Along with that, they will also be allowing the addition of dredging up ship flags, so you can express your insanity.

However, this biggest addition is adding the aberrations to crabs. That’s right the creepy little crustaceans of the deep are gonna get even more twisted as they get malformed versions like that of the larger fish. As well as capturing them adds even more new options to customize their ship. All of this is leading into their upcoming DLC expansion they teased earlier this year.

So now that Dredge gets crabby are you gonna jump back into the game or will it be your first time? Let us know in the comments below!

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