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Capcom has officially announced the long-awaited sequel to the popular 2012 action RPG Dragon’s Dogma. Dragon’s Dogma 2 will launch on March 22, 2024, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. Pre-orders are now open.

Alongside the launch date confirmation, director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi hosted a showcase event revealing new details about Dragon’s Dogma 2’s setting, gameplay, enemies, and more through a stunning new trailer.

Parallel World Setting Across Two Distinct Nations

While Dragon’s Dogma 2 mirrors the lush rolling hills of the original game and Dark Arisen expansion, the sequel actually takes place in a parallel realm with two unique nations facing the return of the Dragon in different ways.

The kingdom of Vermund sees the Dragon as an existential threat. Queen Regent Disa has installed a false Arisen to maintain her control and protect her son. Meanwhile, in the beastren nation of Battahl, the inhabitants blame otherworldly Pawns for misfortune and instead worship their empress Nadinia. We also caught a glimpse of the secluded elven village Sacred Arbor.

Deep Character Creation and Personality Choices

Using advanced photogrammetry, players can craft highly realistic-looking Arisen and Pawns at the start of their journey. You also get to pick personalities that determine behavior and conversations.

As you progress, new vocations like the Arisen-exclusive illusionist Trickster become available. The Trickster uses smoke and mirrors to deceive foes into fighting themselves or temporarily power up allies.

We also saw the returning bruising Warrior and destructive Sorcerer vocations in action.

Colossal Enemies and Strategic Combat

The showcase revealed massive new foes like the towering bronze Talos. Bringing down this destructive colossus will require utilizing your full arsenal of vocations, Pawn allies, and environmetal tactics.

Other menacing enemies include the blade-wielding headless specter Dullahan and vicious winged Drakes capable of raining fire from above. Their advanced AI opens up new combat opportunities to exploit.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Pre-Order Bonuses and Deluxe Edition

Alongside the standard edition, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is getting a Deluxe Edition with the “New Journey Pack” containing exclusive aid items and extras like custom camping gear, wakestones, crystals, soundtracks, and more.

All pre-orders of the standard edition come with bonus weapons for each vocation. The Deluxe Edition pre-order also adds the Ring of Assurance accessory.

RPG fans have been waiting years for this sequel. Based on the epic new trailer and details, Dragon’s Dogma 2 looks well worth the long wait when it emerges in March 2024.

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