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We have seven days left until Cyberpunk 2077 is finally released. After multiple delays, it’s understandable that people are ready to play this game. Trust me, I’m one of those players. Some players already have the game, the game’s Twitter account is asking that no one spoils the game before its release. The game is still scheduled to be released on December 10th. Plenty of players are still waiting for news on another delay. Don’t worry, Like I said due to certain circumstances this game has been released early. All of us really just want to enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 when it comes out next week. So please just don’t spoil the game’s story for all of us if you have it. If you didn’t hear, the game’s DLC has been postponed until after the game launches. The developer wants to make sure this game hits the market on the day they said. Players will be able to bring their saves over from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles to the next-gen. This will defiantly be helpful to players who weren’t sure if they wanted the game on day one. Players will be able to login to Twitter on December 9th and join in some fun.


Looks like the night of the game’s release will be a big party for all of us. Hopefully, the pre-load date will be announced soon. Some of us pre-ordered a digital version back in the Summer. In other gaming news, it seems that Fortnite will be getting a special character skin. There’s no date on when this will happen. Given that Season Five is about warriors, it seems like this will be happening.

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