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Ubisoft is without a doubt a titan in the gaming industry. They have given us some of the greatest open-world adventures for nearly 40 years. Recently though they have faced their share of challenges by their own making most of the time. As the company grapples with internal issues and strives to maintain its foothold, the announcement of The Division 3 feels like a tone-deaf move. While Ubisoft has garnered favor with the upcoming Avatar and Star Wars projects the core issue of the Ubisoft formula starting to fail has yet to be addressed and previous long-standing issues within the Division community itself continue to persist.

I personally have been a fan of the Division towards the end of the 1st game and have watched a unique idea at the time turn into a generic looter shooter with no substance. It is evident that Ubisoft abandoned Division 2 but way before this announcement was ever made. While again I am a division fan 2 felt dead on arrival even in beta. I do feel if Ubisoft continues down the same path, the third installment of this franchise may spell more trouble for the company.

The Sameness of Recent Titles

One of the most glaring issues plaguing Ubisoft’s recent releases has been a sense of sameness. While each game boasts different settings and narratives, the gameplay mechanics and overarching structure feel eerily similar. This lack of innovation has left players yearning for fresh experiences.

In the case of The Division series, fans may find themselves fatigued by the formula. The first two games, while initially engaging, failed to provide substantial evolution in gameplay mechanics. If The Division 3 follows suit, it risks alienating its audience and contributing to the growing sentiment of stagnation within the Ubisoft portfolio. I truly fear that while there may be an initial success this could be the game to end the Division franchise.

Internal Troubles at Ubisoft

Ubisoft has faced significant internal troubles, including allegations of toxic workplace culture and misconduct within the company. These issues have sparked public outcry and even led to high-profile departures. The impact of these troubles on the development process of The Division 3 cannot be underestimated. A lack of cohesion and morale within the development team could potentially hinder the game’s quality, further jeopardizing its success. I do believe they can turn it around though look at Assassin’s Creed Origins.

The Peril of Continuing the Same Formula

If Ubisoft chooses to stick with the tried-and-true formula, it runs the risk of alienating their player base. In an industry where innovation and fresh experiences are highly valued, relying on a formula that feels tired and outdated can lead to irrelevance.

The Division 3 needs to bring something truly groundbreaking to the table to reignite interest and excitement. Without a significant departure from the established pattern, the game may struggle to capture the attention of both new and returning players.

A Call for Change

As Ubisoft navigates turbulent waters, the fate of not only Division 3 but all future games hang in the balance. To avoid a potential misstep, the company must be willing to break free from the constraints of its recent releases. The game must offer a truly fresh and innovative experience, rather than retreading familiar ground.

Ubisoft’s future success hinges on its ability to adapt, evolve, and deliver experiences that captivate and inspire. The Division 3 could be a turning point, an opportunity to demonstrate that the company is committed to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional gaming experiences. Only time will tell if Ubisoft rises to the occasion, or if they risk further setbacks in an ever-changing industry.

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