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A social revolution is currently taking place in every aspect of our society. Protesting police brutality and social injustice just to name a few major issues. As a result, I have seen a shift in social media algorithms. The most important change has been the number of people of color that have been filling my feeds. I find it is easier to interact with people who look like me across all platforms from Twitch to Twitter. Being a man of mixed background Black and Desert Cahuilla Indian, I have always stood out. especially on social media, often finding myself being one of few minorities in gaming and entertainment conversations. POC (people of color) podcasts, graphic designers, game developers, Industry Insiders, and websites are no longer hard to find. People such as Big Cheese, iamBrandon, Parris, Nne Saga, and the crew here at LV1 Gaming did not just hit the scene. These are creators have been around for years and I am barely hearing about them. Could I have been living under a social media rock, maybe? For instance, Twitch is now running Black lives Matter ads and putting more POC creators on the front page. These creators have always deserved to make more front-page appearances sad that such injustices had to take place in order to get them there.  I have been live streaming and creating content since 2017.  I have come across with ease more black and brown content creators in 2020 than ever before. Although the Black/African American community is used to measure how popular a product/service is. The representation does not match, Tik Tok dances, phrases, and fashion are a few examples. Where recognition of its origins has to be hunted down.   The introduction to POC on all levels of the gaming and entertainment industry is so refreshing. importantly, representation matters simple and plain. Being able to read an article or watch a video game review from a POC is inspiring. HBCUs are creating their own Esports league. I’m currently writing for a minority ran gaming news site. Something beautiful has risen from the ashes of something so ugly. Social media and the gaming industry needs to understand this is not a phase or moment. Not only are POC consumers, but we are also creators.  We are more than worthy of your partnerships, sponsorships, and positions. When the smoke clears and we settle into a new normal don’t go back to the old ways. In the end, a light has been shined on the POC creator community. Nothing is new about POC content creators just a spotlight on us. “By keeping its dreams, it learned to breathe fresh air. Long Live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else ever cared”- Tupac Shakur.
Shift in social media algorithms

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