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Yes, I know I have a backlog to work on and the idea of throwing another endless title on top is absurd. But, (with the biggest of T’s) Diablo IV Closed Beta was beyond addicting. I didn’t even partake in any of the cinematics or seriously pay attention to the story. The skip button was used liberally, the saves will not migrate over to the full release anyway. Not knowing anything about the story, and only experiencing the gameplay and dungeons. This game will be added to my ever-growing rotation of games.

Diablo IV Closed Beta Gameplay

I ran around and got to level 21 with a Rogue, I had to do everything in my power to get that “cosmetic dog backpack” promised to people making it to level 20 in the beta. Back to the point, this beta brought me back to my childhood and days of playing Diablo II at PC lounges. Fighting enemies left and right picking up better loot, and salvaging the rest. The gameplay loop was fun and easy to fall into while also being rewarding. I only came across one legendary (deep red) item but everything else equipped was rare (gold).

As a rogue, I was able to run around the open world and most dungeons on my own. My build leaned more towards stunning, slowing, and poisoning my enemies, giving me room to run around and cause damage from a safe distance. If you would like to see how I spent my skill point click here. Overall this game is going to take up a lot of my gaming time once it releases, especially if it makes it to Game Pass.

I have not preordered the game because I keep waiting for it to make it to Game Pass. The way I got my closed beta code was by ordering a chicken sandwich from KFC. But this game even with horrible queue times and wild loot glitches looks like it will be a day-one purchase for me. Check out my live stream below and let me know what class you are going to pick at launch.

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