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You may already be aware that we’re preparing for the launch of Diablo 4, and an open beta for the game will be available starting this weekend. However, it’s worth noting that this beta is considered early access, so if you haven’t pre-ordered and received early access, you’ll need to wait another week to jump in. Some fans are questioning whether pre-ordering is worthwhile, given that Activision Blizzard currently owns the game and franchise, and there have been discussions about the company being acquired by Microsoft pending approval for the deal to be finalized.

Phil Spencer back in September said he plans to put Diablo on Game Pass if or when the deal with ABK is done. His statement in a Microsoft Blog post stated they “intend to make Activision Blizzard’s much-loved library of games – including Overwatch, Diablo, and Call of Duty – available in Game Pass and to grow those gaming communities”. So fans of the franchise on Xbox and PC we wouldn’t blame them for thinking this includes Diablo 4. After all, the deal goes through it’s a Microsoft-owned IP. So now we have a view from Rod Ferguson

Rod Ferguson And Diablo 4 Coming To Game Pass

SVP at Blizzard Rod Ferguson sent a statement on Twitter regarding the Game Pass inclusion for the upcoming Diablo installment.

So if the deal gets approved next month, it could change this. For Activision Blizzard it seems they are focusing on just launching the game regardless of whether the takeover goes through or not.

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