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Thanks to several interviews dropping today, we now have details on both performance and cinematic modes coming to Demon’s Souls. Demon's Souls Details Performance Modes Creative director, Gavin Moore, has laid out how the game will take advantage of the PS5’s horsepower to provide a stunning experience. Talking with IGN, Moore explains that Demon’s Souls will offer a cinematic mode, running at native 4K at 30FPS. Moore adds,
It means we can up the resolution of every single tiny pebble in the game, right? The tessellation is incredible and it’s all real-time. And it all casts real-time shadows. It’s so immersive.
In contrast, Demon’s Souls will also offer players with a mode that favors frame rate. The game’s Performance Mode, runs at a buttery smooth 60FPS in dynamic 4K resolution. Moore continues,
You’ll be able to react faster to those attacks and roll and dodge out of the way and feel like you’re a little bit more powerful if you’ve been having a hard time on the 30.
That extra boost to reaction speed will definitely aid many in their quest to becoming the slayer of demon’s. The option to bounce between whichever modes suits the player best in Demon’s Souls, definitely goes a long way. Options are always a plus. Especially, the ones that weren’t available during the games original release back on the PlayStation 3. Bluepoint has also expressed their philosophy in what to add and what to leave intact. The team has ensured players that the original games vision is still present, no changes to the games difficulty certainly supports this. But, they’ve also added a number of quality of life improvements to modernize the game for todays standards. While also brining in some added content, they’ve yet to reveal, but are excited for players to find themselves. Demon’s Souls stands as one of the many quivers in the PlayStation 5’s bow for launch. The game releases alongside the new console on November 12th and November 19th.  

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