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So, Deadside was given to LV1 Gaming to play, and I can say without a doubt that it’s enjoyable. This early-access survival shooter is a hardcore PVE/PVP experience developed and published by Bad Pixel. After playing for a little over five hours without even constructing a base, safe to say I am hooked. This game is definitely not for everyone but if you enjoy struggling to survive and have fun shooting it’s worth it.


After connecting to a server, you’ll spawn anywhere on the map with only a knife, a lighter, and a shovel, and your immediate objective will be to stay alive. The world of Deadside is vast and open, with many deserted cities and dense forests. Around 25 square kilometers of land are open to exploration during Early Access. Both helpful and harmful NPCs coexist in the world. Then, if you go with a PVP server, you’ll have to be on high alert at all times. Establishing a stronghold, making a few simple items, and undertaking crucial missions are all part of the game.


How Deadside Works:

  • You spawn in an open, persistent world like DayZ
  • You encounter bots and other players, contesting them for loot
  • There are safe zones where you can store your loot
  • Or you can build a base to have your own personal home
  • You can’t get offline raided
  • 1st person and 3rd person views (some servers force FPV)

Once again Deadside is currently an early-access title that is available on PC via Steam for $19.99. I would recommend this title to anyone who enjoys, Escape from Tarkov, DayZ, and Rust.

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