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Published by XSEED Games and developed by MARVELOUS games. DEADCRAFT is available for PS4/PS5, Xbox Series Consoles, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. For the purpose of this review, I played on both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

If you would like to see what my initial thoughts were on this title you can check out my FIRST IMPRESSIONS here. For the sake of this review I will not be breaking down a lot of the game’s mechanics as in my First Impressions I do go over them extensively.


DEADCRAFT is packed full of content. Heavy crafting base mechanics with a side of resource management. You will be slaying Zivvers (DEADCRAFTS name for Zombies), running countless errands for the game’s inhabitants, and exploring the barren Wasteland scrounging for resources to help you along the way.

What I liked

The crafting and farming are really the highlight of this game and what gives DEADCRAFT its uniqueness. Growing different fruits and vegetables and even modifying them with Zivblood to gain extra abilities from their consumption was fun to get into. Even growing your own Zombie friends to take into battle with you was great. The crafting system is very extensive and there are tons of wacky things that you can create to help you out in your journey through the game.

The resource management portion of the game I enjoyed as well. Making sure Reid stays in good health and in balance with making sure he gets plenty of food and water to drink. All of this management reflects on Reid’s health and energy levels. As well you can eat many different kinds of food that you grow to increase your damage or up your defenses for a certain amount of time.

These are the two unique highlights that I enjoyed about DEADCRAFT and really the two main things that give this game its identity.

Another thing that I would like to point out is that at the core of the game it runs and performs very well at least on the Xbox Series consoles as this is where the game is Reviewed at. In my time in the game, I came across little to no bugs and always had a consistent framerate on both the Series X/S consoles when I was rotating between the two platforms.

What I Disliked

Here is where it gets a little complicated for me. In my initial First Impression, I was enjoying the game and saw a lot of potential with it. But right around that eight-hour mark, DEADCRAFT started to not become enjoyable to play. The soundtrack became super repetitive, as I was running from Point A to Point B completing my objectives hearing the same sound bites over and over again began to wear me out. The sound design overall is not great. I would assume this is due to budget reasons. But the Voice actors only say about 1/4 of the text that you see on the screen. Which is jarring especially when it can happen in the same cutscene. One second you will have VO then the next you are reading all of the dialogs with no Voice Over.

Fetch Quests Galore

The mission structures were very simplistic. Get “X” amount of resources to build this thing, Escort this person through here safely, Run errands for this person, and ask around for info for another, which the gripe that I have with the mission structures again comes down to Quality of Life. This is not like Assassins Creed, Far Cry, Skyrim, or another big Open World RPG where you can take on many quests at once and complete them as you see fit.

Nope, you are allowed one active Main Mission, one active Side Mission, and one Activity Board Mission. That means in a game that is filled with tons of Side Missions you can only have one activated at a time and can only complete one at a time. So if you are part way through one side mission and come across another one(which there are plenty in this game.) You have to either abandon the quest that you are doing or travel back to the quest giver once you have completed your current objective.

This extends the player’s game time of course but not in a good way. The ability to only accept one mission at a time hinders the flow of the game. Not only is this a huge hindrance. But even the main mission structure struggles as well with the flow. A lot of the times when you complete a request for a main mission and in order to continue onto the next you must travel back to your camp to rest to advance into the next day.

In Conclusion

DEADCRAFT is a game that functions well and is presented with little to no issues in performance. There is a functioning game here presented to us. However, the substance in this game is overall generally lacking when you look at the game as a whole. The characters while some unique are mostly bland with little to no personality behind them. Combat is relatively basic outside of the use of your Zombie Powers. By the time I reached the end of the game, I was burnt out on the monotony that was what felt like doing the same missions over and over through the course of my playtime.

While there is a lot of content and things to do in this game there is no real reason that you feel like wanting to do them. Most of the time the missions started to blur together with one another. As well the game focuses more on a number of things to do versus the Quality of those things to do. So I sit here struggling to recommend DEADCRAFT. This is sad as in my initial first few hours of the game I was overall enjoying it.

The Ultimate Question Pass or Play?

As time went on in this game I became less and less fond of what the game had to offer in the end. For ultimate the question of Pass or Play?

I, unfortunately, have to give this game a Pass.

If you like a more traditional Score. Check it out below!

Integrity Corner

Logan spent 26 hours in the post-apocalptic wasteland that is DEADCRAFT. Completing well over 100 missions, slaying over 500 zivvers, and ultimately reaching the game’s final conclusion along the way. Unlocking 19/32 of the game’s achievements. The Developers provided the game code for Review.

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  • Crafting unique items and farming your own food and Zombies
  • Resource management is unique and tied to Reids overal abilities
  • Gameplay is easy to adapt to
  • Reid's Zombie abilities are a nice addition to the gameplay


  • Crafting can become overly repetitive for small items
  • Lack of unique animations
  • Terrible Sound design and VO's
  • Mission design and structures leave much to be desired
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