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It’s a busy period for horror in gaming. We’ve got a release date for MADiSON for consoles. That’s launching close to another horror title The Quarry. There was even a rumor of an Xbox and PlayStation release for the House of the Dead Remake. But now it’s time for Dead Island 2 news to resurrect.

Recently we revisited if the release for Dead Island 2 is still possible. It’s had a troubled development history since its reveal. That was all the way back in 2014 moreover, what hasn’t helped is the multiple developer changes.

Dead Island 2’s Recent Development

The team behind the game today is Dambuster Studios. The new team is seemingly ready to give the troubled release a re-reveal. That is of course to the host of the Sacred Symbols, Colin Moriarty. He claims to have heard from a source he “trusts” that this new reveal will happen in the summer. The podcast was transcribed as usual by VGC.

“I have heard from a source that I trust, that the game may be fully re-revealed sometime this summer, and be released maybe shortly after that.”

Colin Moriarty

And We Have More

Colin Moriarty further added we could see the game this year. In fact as early as September or October. So is Dead Island 2 launching in five or six months? Something many never expected to hear.

So the big question is, has the interest in this game waned? Would you pick it up if it actually launches anytime soon? Or do you think it’s time to leave this game behind? Whatever you think, we would most definitely love to hear your thoughts on Dead Island 2. After all, it’s certainly a game many felt was long since doomed. And many long since gave up hope of this ever seeing the light of day.

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