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As part of the DC Fandome event, DC/WB showed off two videos announcing a new video game from developer WB Montreal – Gotham Knights.  Gotham Knights is a game that takes its visual cues from the Arkham universe but it is said to be an original story. It’s also worth noting that WB Montreal was the developer behind Batman: Arkham Origins.  The game is confirmed for PS4/PS5, the Xbox One family of devices, the Xbox Series X, and PC in 2021. Let’s begin with the premiere trailer. The trailer gives the premise of the game.  Bruce Wayne is dead and he sent out a video message to the bat family to take on the responsibility of protecting Gotham City. The player can play as Robin, Bat Girl, Nightwing, and Red Hood.  Each character has their own unique playstyle and gear/weapons that make them stand out from the rest meaning players can gravitate towards the playstyle that suits them.  Per the press release, the game is described as an “open-world third-person action-RPG.”  If that’s the case, then this game is going for the same crowd as Marvel’s Avengers that’s due out in September. The next video shows 7 minutes of gameplay. In the first gameplay footage embedded above, we see Batgirl attend an incident by bike. It turns out that Mr. Freeze wants Gotham City to take an ice bath with the use of a weather machine. So she pairs up with Robin – controlled by another player – to take him out. The gameplay looks similar in many ways to the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll earn XP, level up, and make each character your own.  The video does give a disclaimer that the build is a pre-alpha build and the boss fights scale up with the player’s progression.  It is also confirmed that the game can be played in single-player and doesn’t require co-op. For more DC Fandome check out the announcement of the Suicide Squad movie due out next year here

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