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Trying to survive the end of the world is already hard enough. With trying to fend off Zombies, Raiders, and the ever-encroaching sensation of death. However, being careful with your resources and being as strategic as possible adds all the more difficulty on top. But is it possible to make it to the rumored city of Sanctuary and find a paradise in this hell on earth? Our Days of Doom review will let you know if this apocalyptic romp can survive the hordes, or succumb to the wastelands.

Spoiler Warning: There will be slight spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk.


The story of Days of Doom starts out like any other. The end of times is upon us as the world we once knew is gone. With a new and weird one taking its place. All the while there are plenty of things trying to kill you, from zombies to raiders, to reptile people. All of it has changed the world. However, so has the people left. Many are fighting and trying to make a life out of what’s left.

These very survivors have also changed being able to control water, heal using blessings, and more. All while trying to make it to Sanctuary, a safe haven amongst the end. It’s all a matter of being careful, planning sparingly, and making the right decisions to make it there.

The setup for the game is a standard trope in many post-apocalypse games. While it does offer a bit of humor, it is something that has been seen many times. It still has its own quirky setup, but it’s something that’s tried and true and doesn’t stand out much which is a shame. As the game has its own unique charm.


The visuals of Days of Doom have a very vibrant, comic-book-style aesthetic. Its heavy use of dark lines, as well as 2D art really helps to sell the look and feel of the game. The designs of all the characters you can add to your team are campy and over-exaggerated, from the hulking muscles of the fighter or the raider colossus. To the magic of the hydromancer, the cell shading really makes it all pop.

However, that doesn’t mean that the characters are not detailed. Quite the opposite as each class of hero and even the enemies are wonderfully detailed with small nuances that give each a little personality. Whether that’s the teddy bear in the fighter’s backpack, to the gas masks on the gunslinger.

That’s not including the detailed backgrounds which, while reused, are wonderfully done. And the change as you progress through different areas. Now while the arenas are all pretty, I felt there could have been more done to add more complexity to the designs instead of basically large square areas, with a few obstacles.


The sound of the game is lovely. I mean that it’s background music. It sets up a very nice atmosphere throughout. It has an epic ambiance to it from its soft rock melody that slowly grows in some fights. Reaching a thunderous and moody crescendo all the while you hear what sounds to be the strings of a banjo.

It really creates a feeling of survival and a journey that one would expect. It draws me in and absolutely lose myself in it. Now as for the sounds of combat, the abilities sound nice. That’s not a bad thing, as there are just some sounds that sound off. From the splashing of water to even the shots of the gun, they sound muddled. But that’s okay, as they don’t need to sound over the top or realistic in this case. They just aren’t memorable or seem impactful.


Now as I always say Gameplay is king, and honestly I really enjoyed what I played. The game is a roguelike strategy game. As each run you choose a squad to take with you out into the wastelands to make your way towards sanctuary.

However, you will have to manage your resources such as gas as you drive to each point. However, you must be careful to not waste your gas. If you find yourself without you will be left to your doom. You will always have to manage your squad in combat.

having the option to place them in certain spots on their side of the map. With this, it allows you the option of how to control the battle. Positioning to take advantage of the terrain and any environmental hazards. Knowing which enemies are better to take with which party members.

As well as periodically coming across random events that can offer you a chance to save survivors, trade resources or gain items for your team. some of which are consumables as a one of use during combat, or runes that offer benefits like more damage, more movement, damage resistance, or elemental triggers to add even more effects.

This level of flexibility allows you to truly build a powerful character however you want with what you find. And since the game changes every time, the runes you have now may not be the same in the next round allowing for many differences every time.

When you fail a run it is not the end, much like many other games, like Darkest Dungeon, you unlock new classes over time, as well as earn a currency called renown. This can be used to fix up your base and allow for more usage. Such as more items to carry during a run, increased supplies gathered, or even expanding your squad count.

The gameplay loop of this is fair for both strategy fans and those who enjoy roguelikes. It is one of my absolute favorites among many indie titles i played in this genre.

Closing Thoughts:

Overall I loved my time with my Days of Doom review. While there were spots where it could be improved, everything was enjoyable. Sure as a story it’s hard to reinvent the world ending. However, where it lacks in its story, it makes up for its comic book aesthetic, its wonderful OST, and its fun roguelike strategy gameplay loop.

With offering a fun and deep experience for veterans of the genre and newcomers alike. That makes this a must-play for those looking for a new entry in this genre.

We want to thank the team over at Atari for providing the key for our Days of Doom review. The launches today September 21st. It is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch, as well as on PC through Steam and Epic Game Store.

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