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While 2022 has been filled with delays left and right and more titles are being pushed out to 2023. There’s a silver lining to be had here. These delays pave the way for smaller indie titles to shine bright in their absolute prime. Cult of the Lamb is one of them.

Developed by Massive Monster and published by Devolver Digital. Cult of the Lamb sets out to be one of the cutest yet dark indie titles out there.

Don’t be a sheep, be a Shepard!

In Cult of the Lamb, you take on the role of a possessed lamb revived from a deity named “The One Who Waits.” Tasked with the ultimate goal of growing your own following to free them from their shackles.

The game presents itself as a roguelike meets social simulation along the lines of Animal Crossing. Cute but devilish, there is a charm like no other. As growing your flock of sheep and building your cult is an absolute treat.

How does Cult of the Lamb Play?

The bulk of your time in the game is broken down into two different and distinct parts.

One side of the game is a roguelike dungeon crawler where you the player go into various of dungeons slaying enemies and gathering resources to take make to your camp. In these dungeons, you will come across many different instances. Some rooms will provide you with more powerful weapons to aid you in your journey. Other rooms will provide the option to save and free a new follower that will be teleported back to your camp, and much more. At the end of each dungeon, there are three mini-bosses and upon their ultimate demise, you travel back to your flock with trophies and resources intact. After you go through the dungeons three times the final boss for that area then unlocks for you to slay.

The other half is the social simulation aspect. This part I really enjoyed. You have three resources you have to manage for your flock. The cleanliness of your camp, your flock’s hunger meter, and the faith that they have in you as a leader.

It’s good to be Baaaad!

Your flock’s success or failure all lands on you as the player. In this part of the game, there is so much to do. Build beds for your followers to sleep in, tend to your gardens and gather resources for food. Build mining facilities to gather wood and stone to build statues that your flock can provide with offerings and pray to give the player more “Devotion.” Devotion allows you to unlock more items that you can craft. From prisons to locking up followers that have lost faith in you. To Outhouse’s for followers use to Cleaning Stations so that your followers clean up their own mess.

You can even build a Summoning Circle that allows you to transform followers into demons that will aid you along the way in your dungeon runs. You will find yourself managing and tending to sick followers. Make sure they get plenty of bed rest.

As with all things that come in life, there is also death. Followers will die from many different causes. You can bury them or harvest their bodies to create dishes out of them for fellow followers to eat. As well, you can provide Sermons to gain faith in your followers and perform many different rituals that will give you many different bonuses depending on what Doctrines you unlock.

It’s all on You!

How you run your following is completely up to you and this was the part that I absolutely loved. There are also other areas of the world that you can fast travel to. In these areas, you can go fishing, play the very fun mini-game called “Knucklebones,” and complete a different task for these villagers to gather different rewards. They also provide item shops too where you can buy an assortment of Follower Forms, Decorations, and Tarot Cards along the way.

While Great! There are some flaws!

I can’t write this review without talking about some of the bugs I came across. At the time of this review, the console versions are running on version 1.0.1. In this version, users have reported quest log texts not fully displaying in-game. This leads many confused about what they are to do. I did not get this, I however ran across the issue of getting soft locked in the middle of a dungeon run.

Here I was unable to proceed and was locked in the room forcing me to close out the game and lose my progress along the way. I also came across issues where enemies would spawn outside of the map preventing me from proceeding once again. Now while to me these issues were minor and were few and far between, I did want to mention them in this review regardless. Per the game’s Steam account, version 1.0.5 should fix these issues when the patch hits the console version.

Join Us!

Cult of the Lamb is absolutely spectacular and a joy to play through. With a few updates to get rid of the bugs that the game currently has. I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone. It’s charming and filled with a ton of content!

Integrity Corner

Logan’s playtime was 21 hours. Unlocking 35/37 of the game’s trophies. (Currently can not unlock the last Trophy due to the game needing patched.) Check him out on Twitter here! The game was purchased by the Reviewer.

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Cult of the Lamb











  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Beautiful Art Style
  • Charming Characters
  • Wonderful Soundtrack


  • Soft Lock causing game to need restarted.
  • One Trophy currently unobtainable.
  • Stutters in gameplay when a new day starts
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