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Gorostas Game Studio announced that the pre-sale of card packages starts for their debut title Cryptic Legends – a card-collecting hero management game based on the Aeternity blockchain Cryptic Legends     “We are happy that we have finally reached this stage of development and are very excited to see how the public – both avid gamers and blockchain enthusiasts – will react,” said Nemanja Avramović, lead game designer and CEO for Gorostas Game Studio. “We put a lot of effort into card design and wanted to give the cards a unique look that is immediately recognizable, and I think we pulled it off”, he added.  Cryptic Legends The pre-sale offers four packages: 
  • Standard Hero Pack (€3.99): 3 hero cards of random rarity 
  • Class Pack (€4.99): 3 hero cards of the same class — WarriorPriestHunter or Mage, of random rarity. 
  • Tribe Pack (€4.99): 3 hero cards of the same tribe — KuryakUlaid or Tyrling, of random rarity.
  • XL Hero Pack (€5.99): 5 hero cards: 1 guaranteed uncommon, 1 guaranteed rare 
Packages can be bought with fiat, and in the next two weeks, purchases using Aeternity will become available.  Purchases using other cryptocurrencies will be possible in 4 weeks at most. All players who purchase one or more packs will become a part of the Founders program and receive special in-game awards after the pre-sale ends.  Cryptic Legends is a hero card collection and tactical game in which all the player assets are stored on the blockchain, so the players actually own them. Players assemble and manage a team of legendary heroes, sending them into automatic turn-based battles against other players. At the Same Time, uncovering the rich history and mythology inspired by real-world cultures.   Core game Features: 
  • COLLECT MILLIONS OF UNIQUE HEROES – Cryptic Legends is a tactical card hero game. All heroes are stored on the blockchain – you can trade them with other players or sell them for fiat or cryptocurrency. 
  • ENGAGE PLAYERS IN AUTO BATTLES – Assemble your ultimate Warband to conquer the seasons, battle in mythical events and challenge other players. 
  • UPGRADE YOUR HEROES – Discover unique skill trees based on your heroes’ classes and talents. Customize your heroes as often as you like by assigning skill points as you see fit. 
  • DISCOVER THE WORLD WITH CRYPTICS – Collect all talents to piece together the stories that make the legends of the three tribes, inspired by authentic sagas, folklore and fairytales. 
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