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If there is one thing you can count on in 2020 is that delays are kind of normal by now. Every major release this year has been delayed in some form or fashion. Especially going so far as to fall out of the year. And one of the next victims of the 2020 delays is no different. It came from the official Twitter that Crossfire X is getting delayed. Smilegate actually cites the issues with the covid-19 pandemic having caused a lot of unseen issues. Because of this their original goals and deadlines couldn’t be met. So they decided to delay the game into 2021. When in 2021 is still unknown at this point however, it is not too surprising when you see the long list of games that have been delayed into 2021 this year alone. This delay is for both the multiplayer and single-player components of the game. When there is new information on the new updated release date or time frame we will be certain to let you know. Crossfire X is a first-person shooter that is popular in Korea. One of the top games on their competitive scene, it was announced during Xbox’s E3 presentation that it will be a console exclusive. With a collaboration between Smilegate working on the Multiplayer and Remedy Entertainment making the single-player campaign. Check out the trailer for the game below: So tell us how you guys feel knowing that like many other games this year, Crossfire X is getting delayed. You can find out more on their official site here. -Jess (BloodieKnuX)

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