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Back in November, we told you about a delay to Crossfire X. That was the first-person shooter coming from developer Smilegate who is responsible for the multiplayer side of the game. The campaign is being done by Remedy Entertainment. Since the announcement of the delay which was mainly due to the pandemic, we have heard very little. That is until now.

What do we know now?

During Gamescom Opening Night Live we got a trailer from Smilegate for Crossfire X. And all we know is it’s coming soon. This is nice as the game dropped off the radar and seemed forgotten about.

What did the trailer show?

This new trailer gave us a lot of action with plenty of examples of the firefight at play. We saw at least one of the abilities in play with the invisible suit. And that was it for the trailer itself.

What is Crossfire X about

It started way back in 2007 and is very popular in Southeast Asia. If you think Call of Duty crossed with Counterstrike you may have an idea of what to expect. Xbox users did get a beta last year with a traditional and modern mode

What do we know about modes for gameplay?

We know it’s a multiplayer game but it’s also getting a campaign mode.  For this release, that mode is being handled as we know by Remedy Entertainment. 

Don’t Remedy do their own games?

They do, in fact, most recently known for Control. As well as having made Quantum Break and Alan Wake. Meaning in terms of crafting a story they aren’t doing something they haven’t done before. But it will be one of their first FPS games.

So when will we get a date?

Hopefully very soon, even though at events like E3 and Gamescom, as well as, Xbox events the game disappeared off the radar. Luckily they have been providing updates on their website. The most recent showcased some graphical changes from the beta to how it looks now.

And Remedy had the Control Ultimate Edition earlier this year as a priority. So hopefully now they are focusing full force on the Crossfire X campaign.

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