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Back in 2020, we brought you news about a game called PROMOD. It may not be a game many have given attention to since but it does what it aimed to do which is what caught my eye. The game did finally launch last year under the name KILLRUN which is on Steam now. Though in 2020, its aim was to seemingly take on Valorant and Valve’s iconic Counter-Strike. Both are extremely well-designed and popular tactical first-person shooters. Modern games like Rainbow Six Siege and Insurgency Sandstorm are other examples of the genre.

The very original Counter-Strike is nearly a quarter of a century old. It launched towards the end of 2000. What you may or may not know is the game was originally a mod for Half-Life. It followed another popular Half-Life mod turned game Team Fortress Classic. However even nearly a decade on from its most recent form Global Offensive in 2014, Counter-Strike is still played today.

The Future Of Counter-Strike

Gamerant has discussed the future of the series and has mentioned rumors of a new game. So let’s see what they have uncovered about the future of this iconic shooter. In their article, they say that it looks like Counter-Strike 2 is a reality. They state that “Valve has filed a trademark for a “CS2″ with the United States Patent and Trademark Office”. This new story broke after a user called Aquarius posted the information on Twitter.

What’s interesting is it came up in the keyword search for Counter-Strike as well. It’s also as mentioned in the article been found referenced in an NVIDIA leak. All this is unconfirmed for now, but the evidence does suggest a fresh take on the tactical shooter. As always we’ll have to wait and see this story.

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