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Five years ago we saw the release of Knack 2 by Japan Studio. Fans requested a third game but that chance seemed to vanish last summer as Sony shut down Japan Studio. So naturally, that threw the future of the cult platformer in doubt. Though recent events have taken a different tone and there’s a chance this franchise may not be as dead as some people have believed it to be. But it’s still no guarantee, but it is an unexpected turn of events.

It seems that’s Sony has filed a new Knack trademark in Japan. The tweet announcing this along with a filing of another trademark from Bandai Namco was made public today.

The Knack trademark we see was filed on 17th March. The use intended includes “downloadable or installable home video game machine program and additional data”.

So Knack Is Returning

As we stated not necessarily, it could just be Sony renewing their licenses for example. But would Sony return to the game is another question. We know it has a huge fan base but the game didn’t receive the best reception from critics. At least we know the franchise has some sort of future, otherwise, why would Sony file for the trademark?

Another big question that lingers is if the game is getting a reboot or even a third installment. That being who will make it. Knack was done by the now-defunct Japan Studio. And the staff went their separate ways so that poses a difficulty in getting the previous staff on board. Team Asobi could fill in but they have primarily worked on the Astro games.

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