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Okay, things have gotten a little out of hand now. I wish the details between Xbox and Activision Blizzard’s fight to become one were a little bit more private for a variety of reasons. The weekly updates on Microsoft and Sony’s battle for Call of Duty on social media seem to serve little purpose other than to rile up console aficionados. As each one searches for a chance to “attack” the other, the differences between Xbox and PlayStation fanboys are as stark as they are obvious. So why on earth would the CMA want to hear from them?

According to a report from the CMA has opened a public call for evidence regarding the proposed deal between Xbox and Activision Blizzard. According to the report a UK regulator has stated “At this point we invite anyone, including members of the public, to share their views with us.”

Recently in a statement outlining its reservations with the proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority also rejected several of the Xbox maker’s main reasons.


In the larger scheme of things, this may not matter because the governing body must ultimately act in the best interest of the competition. The issue is that if they sincerely consider what the public has to say, how can they tell when someone is expressing an opinion that is sincere versus (made of name) GodofPlayStation8567. Everyone has seen this type of user on social media, he is the counterpart of (made of name) XboxGeneralFTW. These users do not truly care about competition, they just want to laugh in others’ faces.

Even if this agreement doesn’t materialize until 2023, I hope that the news cycle surrounding it slows down as it consistently emerges as the most hot-button issue. Xbox, PlayStation, and the CMA must find a way to make this work. However, one strategy that will completely fail is polling the public.

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