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Clash: Artifacts of Chaos‘ backstory was explained by French publisher NACON at the PC Gaming Show 2023 Preview. Though the action-adventure game’s striking visual style initially drew players in, ACE Team has also created a captivating tale in which a reclusive hermit travels to foreign lands where justice is nonexistent.

Zwnozoik, the planet where the game takes place, is teeming with both monsters and advanced civilizations. Indeed, might makes right, and strength is the ultimate norm of society. You take on the role of Pseudo, a nimble and powerful fighter who emerges from isolation, first to protect The Boy, but eventually to overthrow the current order if necessary.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos

Gemini, the Mistress of the Artifacts, is the greatest danger that faces all life on Zenozoik. During the ritual, which is essentially a game of dice that determines who rules the land. She can bring any opponent to their knees with the help of a legendary relic. Infected with something she cannot name, she plans to kidnap The Boy and channel his healing abilities to make herself better. Despite his previous rejection of society and its norms, Pseudo now finds himself confronted by Gemini and her minions.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos Trailer

Both the gameplay and the visual style of Clash: Artifacts of Chaos set it apart as a truly original title. The ACE Team’s (Zero Clash 1 & 2, The Eternal Cylinder) unique visual style features eccentric and flashy original designs. In-game, players will engage in third-person combat as Pseudo, the game’s protagonist, and unleash their full fury on their enemies. While other action-adventure games focus on exploration and combat, Clash: Artifacts of Chaos distinguishes itself with its innovative Ritual mechanic. The rules of the fight are determined by the outcome of an ancient ritual, with each competitor armed with an artifact that has special abilities.

On February 9, 2023, Clash: Artifacts of Chaos will be released for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.

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