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2D bullet hell Rougelite Action Chunker is now available Early Access! SHIFTICK Corp. announced in July that it will start Steam Early Access of the indie PC game Chunker. Chunker is a bird’s-eye view 2D rouge-lite bullet shooting action game. It should be noted, the game centers on the survival and journey of a small creature, ‘lump’ (Chunker). Get ready to explore abandoned undergrounds in a world after reckless environmental destruction and various experiments committed by humans.

What is Chunker?

Chunker is a game that can be easily picked up and enjoyed for long sessions or short times. As a result, it is designed with a loveable and distinct 1D feel. Like that of an arcade game to maximize the emotions and story received from each element of the game. How close can you get and can you avoid near-death? How do you love pure destruction and fast shooting? Will you learn from past failures? With Simple and easy game progress, and upgrading the skills Chunker can be picked up and played by anyone. Furthermore, In celebration of the Early Access launch, Chunker will release two official game videos featuring key play scenes and two Cinematic videos about the birth of the main character. In addition, the company offers a 30 percent discount to initial buyers, which can be purchased at $12.50. Moreover, a demo version can be enjoyed free of charge by all users. Chunker plans to collect feedback through the community. Additionally, the plan is to complete the game through the Steam Early Access, before the official launch within 12 months. Finally, If you have any questions, please contact them on social media. Steam Store: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube:
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